How To Fix A Radiator Leak

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How To Fix A Radiator Leak

How To Fix A Radiator Leak

If you are about to leave for your work and observe leakage in the radiator, then it may possibly require fixing. Overheating can be caused when the vehicle’s cooling system fails. This leads to ineffective engine cooling, and sometimes leakage, the most common form of which is the radiator leak. However, radiator leaks can be easily prevented through proper maintenance of the radiator, which helps to stop the leakage.

Radiators are devices that are used to radiate heat in vehicles. This heat-exchanging device is generally present in automobiles, electronics, as well as buildings. Radiators are designed primarily to transfer heat by thermal radiation, the aim being heating and cooling.

Materials and Tools Needed

In order to stop the radiator leak, two important materials are required:

  • Duct tape
  • Ground black pepper


To halt radiator leakage, the following steps should be followed:

Step 1 – First, find out the location of the leak in the radiator. If the radiator leak is from the hose, patch the leak with the duct tape. Duct tape can hold up the leak for roughly one week, during which time you can replace the hose.

Step 2 – If the leak is in the radiator, the next step is to remove the radiator cap and add one or two teaspoons of ground black pepper into it. Pepper lodges into the holes and also swells when water hits it, mounting to seal the hole.

Step 3 – Close the cap of the radiator once it is filled with the water up to a proper level.

Step 4 – Bring additional pepper with you and a jug of water because it may be necessary to add some more water or pepper into the radiator. But ensure that the radiator is fresh before removing radiator cap.

Step 5 – The last step, which is essential, is scheduling a meeting with a mechanic. Be sure to let him or her know what temporary measures you have taken.

Best Radiator Stop Leak

One of the best leak stoppers is Silver Seal Heavy-Duty radiator, which quickly helps stop the leaks, inhibits the rust, and lubricates the complete cooling system. These silver seal radiators build permanent and quick seals, which will not damage or clog the radiators. One of the major advantages of this leak stopper is that it mixes very well with any anticoolant or freeze.

Warnings and Tips

  • Always keep some extra water with you in the car so that you can quickly fix a leak if it happens.
  • You can also make use of three to four white eggs to prevent leakage from the radiator, because it works in the same way as pepper.

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