How to Write a Business Letter

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How to Write a Business Letter

Whether you work for a corporation or own a small business, there are times that writing a business letter is necessary. With email and voice mail, business letters are no longer as popular as they were years ago; however writing a business letter is still required for many different occasions.

Basics of Writing a Business Letter

Writing a business letter is not that difficult, however you should be aware of a few things before you sit down at your computer. Business letters tend to be brief and to the point, they are generally formal in appearance and have a specific goal or purpose in mind. Here are some tips on creating a business letter.

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  • Business letters are generally created in block style. This means that a business letter should be aligned to the left with no indented paragraphs.
  • Every business letter should have the business’s letterhead or a typed out letterhead that consists of the name of the business, address and phone/fax.
  • Business letters should include an interior address (the full name, title and address of the person you are writing the letter to).
  • You should also include a salutation.
  • The body of a business letter should be brief and to the point. Immediately state the reason for writing your letter and make your request in a professional, business manner. Most brief business letters are at most 3 paragraphs long. However, your business letter can be as long or short as it needs to, keeping in mind that you are not wasting the reader’s time.
  • Business letters should include a complimentary closing.
  • At the end of a business letter, you should leave space to sign your name and underneath the signature area type your name and title.

When to Use a Business Letter

Today, it is easier than ever to communicate with businesses, however just a couple of decades ago, there were only two or three ways to communicate with a business, they included phone, in person or included sending out a business letter. Business letters can be highly effective tools to achieve your purpose. With the informality of email, a business letter can get you the attention your request deserves. A well-written, professional business letter can easily open up doors and allow your opinion or request to be heard. Some of the more common reasons to write a business letter are:

  • To request more information about a product
  • To ask for a business reference
  • To express your opinion about a product
  • To thank a person
  • As a sales tool to sell a product

Sample Business Letter

Below you will find a sample business letter in its entirety:

Acme Widgets
52100 South Oak Road
Cranford, NJ 07758
Phone: 732-555-5554

July 6, 2007

Mr. Henry Smith
Director of Marketing
Chamber Metal Works
111 Maple Road
Bridgewater, NJ 77784

Dear Mr. Smith,

In the first paragraph of a business letter, you will want to make sure that you state clearly the purpose for writing your letter. You also might want to state the reference for the letter, such as “in reference to my phone call earlier in the week”.

The second paragraph of the business letter will go into more detail. Again this part of the letter should be brief and to the point. You will want to lay out your request in a professional manner. As with all letters, make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Sometimes it will be necessary to write one or two drafts before your business letter is ready to be sent out. A business letter can be an incredibly potent resource to help you achieve your goals, so make sure you put lots of effort into writing it.

The final paragraph is where you sum up your purpose and tie up any loose ends that you may have. Most business letters usually have only three paragraphs or are about one page in length, however a business letter can be any length you feel is necessary to get your point across. For a person that is accomplishing one specific goal or purpose, three paragraphs should be enough to communicate your message to the reader.

Finally add a closing sentence. Usually the closing sentence neatly ends the business letter. Many closing sentences include a statement that you will follow up this business letter with a phone call or meeting.


Thomas Brown
Chief Executive Officer

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