How to Work Well Under Pressure

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How to Work Well Under Pressure

Do you ever find yourself swamped with too much tasks to do? Are you always trying to meet deadlines? Don’t let stress affect your performance at work. Here are some tips you can follow to work well under pressure.


Make a list of all the tasks you need to do to  avoid forgetting anything. Determine the best way to accomplish each task and write this down. Making a guide will help you concentrate more on the things you have to finish.  Rank each task according to importance. You can either do the least important tasks first or do them last.

Goal Setting

With all your tasks listed, Have a main goal and create sub goals for each assignment.  It’ll be easier for you to work if you’re just concentrating on small goals. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed with the big things. As you work on your mini goals, you eventually get to complete your main goals. Dividing your work load into small tasks will take the pressure off you by diverting your attention from big tasks to your sub goals.

Time Management

Having a time schedule will ensure that you don’t waste time on unnecessary things. This will also help you meet your deadlines on time.  Make sure to allot ample amount of time for each assignment. Determine how long you should complete each task. Try to work within the time limit you set. Don’t forget to give time for breaks and relaxation.

Completing Tasks

Don’t be overwhelmed by your work load. Try to finish one task first before starting on the next one. Starting on different tasks without getting anything done will only make you miss deadlines. This is why planning is very important. When you have a list of things to do, you’ll be able to focus more on important things.


Getting stressed out will only make you panic more.  Don’t push yourself to finish your work if you’re too tired. Give your self time to rest. Deep breathing exercises are effective in releasing tension in your body. This also clears your mind so you can think and concentrate better. When you’re on break, don’t eat fast. Meal times are good times to rest and relax your mind. When you get back to work, you’ll feel refreshed and be ready to continue your tasks.

There’s really no reason to be pressured at work. Working under pressure will only give you half-baked outputs. Learn how to focus and manage your time properly.

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