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How to Vacation Cheaply

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then, but even if your goal is to relax and have fun, it’ll still mean you have to spend some money. Going on a vacation can be expensive, but it doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt. Here are some easy tips on how to vacation cheaply.

Don’t Go On Vacation During Peak Season

It’s fun to go to the beach during the summer peak season, and the resort and hotel owners know that there’ll be plenty of people who’d plan vacations during this time of year. What they do then is, they increase their prices. The same goes for transportation, like airfare. It’s enjoyable, but it can be a big burden on your pocket. To avoid this, schedule your vacation when it’s off season. You’ll spend less money, but enjoy the trip just the same. The tourist spots will be less crowded, too.

Make Sure You Have All Your Necessities

You’ll be surprised at how those little things you randomly buy add up to your expenses. When you pack, make sure you’ve got all the necessities you need packed away, too. Sun screen, toothpaste, aspirins are more expensive when you buy them at vacation destinations compared to when you purchase them at home.

Consider Public Transportation

Traveling on the road in your car is fun, but you’ll be spending a lot of cash. You need to buy gas and plenty of food, especially if it’s a long trip. If you’re traveling alone, why not use public transportation? Many major tourist destinations have metro systems, subways, trains and streetcars that will help you reach your destination quickly and more cheaply.

Another tip: If you’re flying to your vacation destination, research on different airline options, and find one where you can get cheap airfare. Some airlines also offer packages pr discounts for large groups too, so see which one of these will suit you.

Find Cheap Motels

A luxurious hotel is wonderful, but it’ll cost you big bucks. It’s also unreasonable, since you’re mostly going to spend the day outside, so you’ll only stay in the hotel at night. Instead of staying in one of these pricey hotels, find a clean, but inexpensive motel instead. The rooms aren’t as luxurious, but they’ll be just as comfortable. If there are a lot of you, a hostel is also a good idea.

Eat Wisely

Eating is an essential part of any trip, and even though you’re dying to try exotic cuisines, you have to remember to cut your budget a bit. Pack meals instead of buying them at pricey restaurants. Bring a cooler, and pack drinks, fruit, cheese and some sandwiches.

Here are some more budget-friendly eating to remember on your vacation.

  • Stay at a motel or lodge where they offer free breakfast or meal.
  • Don’t use the mini-bar and the food in the fridge in your hotel or motel.
  • Split meals between kids, if the restaurant or diner is kid-friendly. Ask for extra plates.
  • Eat meals in your room. You can order or takeout pizza.
  • Carry refillable water containers so you won’t have to keep buying from mini-marts.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Shopping can be irresistible during vacation, but many people can’t help but keep buying goodies they want to take home. Try to avoid impulse buying when you’re on a vacation. Memorabilia and gifts to take home are okay, but keep them to a minimum. You don’t have to buy goodies for everyone.

Some More Tips

  • Take advantage of coupons, whether it’s for food, lodging or attractions. Tourist passes that allow you to get discounts are also great.
  • Research about the place before you go. Not knowing how to get from one destination to another can cost you a lot of money.
  • Visit the place’s tourist center information. You can get a lot of tips on how to save money there.
  • Go camping! If you’ve got the gear, you’ll get to save more.

Vacations are for relaxation, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. If you worry about this, remember these tips. You’ll get to save a bundle of cash, but still get that well-deserved rest!

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