How to Use WiFi with Your Cell Phone

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How to Use WiFi with Your Cell Phone

Wifi hotspots have been installed near coffee shops, hotel grounds and other populous places, in an effort to attract more customers. Ideally, you need a laptop with a wifi card to surf the internet, which can be tedious to bring. Good thing mobile phone manufacturers have decided to turn their products into simplified internet browsers, particularly the newer models. Take advantage of any wifi hotspot by using the web-browsing feature of your mobile phone.

Easy Settings

The browsers of advanced mobile phones are pretty easy to find. Just check the main menu for folders that pertain to the internet, usually named Web or Connectivity. Once inside the menus, you can tweak the settings for browsing and set your phone to locate and pick up wifi signals. Most mobile phones are user-friendly, so working on the internet settings shouldn’t be a problem. To give you a clearer view of what you should do, here’s a step-by-step process on how to activate the browser of your mobile phone.


  1. Open your phone’s main menu.
  2. wifi phone

  3. Look for folders that are named Web, Connectivity, Internet, or anything similar, then open any of them. Folders pertaining to web browsing are often linked to your phone’s browser.
  4. Once the folder is opened, go to Settings.
  5. Set the browser’s homepage and the Encoding to Automatic. Reject cookies and pop-ups, since they take up space in your phone’s memory. Pop-ups may also contain spyware, which can damage your phone.
  6. When the settings have been fixed, cue your phone to search for WLAN or Wifi signals.
  7. Select an unsecured connection with maximum signal strength, so your connection speed will be fast. Secured connections, which have “padlock” icons beside them, require passwords, so accessing them isn’t possible.
  8. When you’re connected, open the browser and log on to the internet.

Some establishments offer paid wifi. Upon payment, you will be given a username and password for theĀ  secured connection. Just select the venue’s internet connection and input the credentials. You can then connect to the internet.

Reminder: Clear the Cache

When using your mobile phone to browse the internet, you will notice that the sites look different. They are simplified for mobile phone browsing, given that mobile phones have limited memories. Your phone will slow down if it’s cache is filled with temporary internet files. The cache, which is located in the Browser Settings, should be emptied after every session. If your phone does not have a cache, your internet surfing is hassle-free.