How to Use the Internet

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How to Use the Internet

How to Use the Internet

The Internet has been recently rated one of the most important inventions in the last 100 years. Today, we can be connected with almost anyone and communicate with them instantaneously. The Internet has also opened up new markets and spurred large trade. New companies like Google have become huge due to the importance and significance they bring to the Internet. If you are new to the Internet or still want to learn how to use the Internet to its full potential, here are some great ways you can use the Internet.


Email is the Internet’s killer application. Many people can’t even remember how offices used to function in the past without email. Office-work usually involved a tremendous amount of paperwork, memos, post-it notes and snail mail. If you are looking for a great way to use the Internet, you can start with email. Email is incredibly simple to set up and for the most part is free. Sites such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail offer free email accounts with plenty of storage. There are insightful tutorials and great features that can keep you extremely close to your friends, family and coworkers.


One of the most important ways to use the Internet is to retrieve and read information. Now more than any other period in time, information is available to the masses. No matter if it is from the desk of the President of the United States or Joe Brown’s Blog, information is quite easy to share with the world.

There are many ways to use the Internet to find the information that you are looking for. For instance, is an online community-generated encyclopedia. Whether you want to learn about the continent of Africa or look up a biography on an obscure singer, you will most likely find it on Wikipedia.

Search engines are enormously helpful in finding information on the Internet. Sites such as Google and Yahoo are famous for helping one find a proverbial needle in a digital haystack online. There are billions of pages on the Internet, and finding the right one is easier than you think using search engines.

Databases are another way that lots of information is stored online. Whether you need to search the Library of Congress or find a legal brief, you can usually accomplish this task with online databases. Online databases are usually controlled through a web-based interface. Where in the past you would need to go down to your library to read a journal or abstract, today, you can download it to your computer from the Internet and print it out.

Practically any kind of information can be found on the Internet. In fact, using the Internet for information searching is one of its prime functions.

View Video and Listen to Audio

Another way to use the Internet is to view videos and to listen to music. Video and music are not only available in their analog form; nowadays music and video are digitized and available online. You can easily find funny videos, watch the news, view a full-length motion picture, listen to a classical piece of music, hear a podcast of a famous politician speaking or watch a crowd of people on a famous city street.

Communication – Communication is another huge aspect of using the Internet. With the Internet, you can easily communicate with anyone on the planet. While email was discussed above, there are far more ways to communicate with others than email. Here are a few.

Instant Messaging (IM)Instant Messaging is a great way to use the Internet. IM is an easy and usually free way to communicate with your friends, families and coworkers. Usually, it is an interface where you can chat with one person or dozens at the same time. Since chatting is real time, a window is usually kept open for you to receive and write messages in. IM is extremely easy to use and quite addictive.

Web Cam – Web cams have been around for more than a decade and being able to view another person via the Internet is extremely practical and fun. Some people use web cams to hold teleconferences, others to talk to loved ones far away from home. Also, there are lots of web cams set up around the world. If you ever wanted to see what is going on at this moment in Times Square you can easily click on the web cam and view this infamous city landmark.

VoIPVoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and makes it extremely easy and affordable to talk to someone as if you are on the phone. Using VoIP can mean that one person is on their computer and the person he or she calls is on their landline phone or mobile phone. VoIP services are usually free to join and very affordable to use – sometimes they are free to use.

Help and Support Online – If you are a business and your product requires some kind of support, you might be interested in providing help and support online. This is a great way to use the Internet because it allows customers to contact support in real time from the Internet.

Social Networking Sites

Another great way to use the Internet is to use social networking sites. Social networking sites are all the rage these days. They allow anyone to set up a personal homepage where others can view information about them. Many social networking sites include photos, a daily blog, questionnaires, favorite music, videos and a calendar. Social networking sites are used not only to make and keep in touch with friends, but as dating tools online. In fact, one of the most popular uses of the Internet is finding a love interest. Whether on social networking sites or strictly Internet dating sites meeting those from the opposite sex is the main reason many are online.

Learn How to Do Something

Another great use for the Internet is to learn how to do something. As humans, we always have the desire to learn something new and the Internet is an incredible way to put our brains to work. Learning how to do a simple task, or something as complicated as dancing can be achieved through the Internet. While some tasks are easier to learn than others, learning on the Internet can include detailed instructions, photos, video images and even sound recordings. So whether you are learning how to build a deck or learning the French language, it all can be achieved on the Internet.

As you can see, using the Internet is quite easy and can involve just about anything. It is really up to you to fully explore the Internet and all of its wonderful uses. There are plenty of tips and tutorials online to use the Internet and for most people learning how to use the Internet is extremely fun and exciting.



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