How to Use Home Remedies for Constipation

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How to Use Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is a not a pleasant experience, causing stomachaches and hard-to-pass bowel movements.  It can disrupt you from work and keep you from having a relaxed time at home.  So how do you cure such a discomforting condition? You can reach for your home’s vegetable chiller or fruit basket, where you will find some of the best remedies available.

Treat Constipation with Spinach

Spinach is filled with nutrients, some of them beneficial for the digestive system.  It is known to cleanse and regenerate the intestinal pathways, which in the process, eliminates constipation.  Include the nutritious shrub in your daily meals as much as possible.  Soon, your bowel movements will be back to normal.

Take Laxative Drugs

Laxative medicine is formulated to induce bowel movements.  It comes as tasteless powder mixed with food and drinks.  Add the drug to your meals, especially if you are pretty hungry, which promotes a huge intake of food.  The medicine will cause your intestines to hold more water, softening your stool in the process.  Once the drug takes effect, the emptying of the intestines becomes much easier and faster.  Just don’t take too much of the medicine, since it may cause diarrhea.

Drink Coffee

Coffee drinkers are less prone to have constipation, given the laxative effect of their preferred morning beverage.  Caffeine, aside from being a powerful stimulant, is also a decent laxative.  When you’re constipated, enjoy one or two cups of coffee.  Your bowel movements will soon improve.  However, don’t drink too much.  You might end up with a sleepless night, which is just as bad as constipation.

Eat Bael Fruit, Grapes, Apples, Oranges, or Pears

Bael fruits and grapes are regarded as two of the most effective natural laxatives, since they contain high doses of dietary fiber.  When you are constipated, munch on liberal amounts of these fruits.  Your bowel movements will gradually normalize.  As for apples, oranges and pears, they are not as potent as the other two, but they are certainly tasty.  You might as well treat constipation with a smile on your face.

Anti-Constipation Solutions

You can create mixtures that work well against constipation.  The ingredients can be found in most households, so you can make one in no time, if ever you’re constipated.

  • Lime and Salt Solution – Slice a lime in half then squeeze it on a glass of hot water.  Add a teaspoon of salt.  Now stir the mixture thoroughly.
  • Linseed Solution – Linseed oil is one of the best remedies for constipation.  With its roughage content and its ability to lubricate your intestinal tract, make this one of your initial options. Just mix the oil with a little water then drink.  Moments later, you’ll feel okay, as if you were never constipated.

These solutions are simple to prepare.  Just prepare any of the two whenever you’re bothered by constipation.  Relief will come easy after.

The Grocery is Your Ally

Your kitchen has tons of remedies for constipation.  Some of them even have distinct ways of attacking the ailment, which diversifies your treatment options.  The truth is, constipation is not really much of a threat if your cupboard and refrigerator are perpetually filled with grocery items.



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