How To Use A Deer Call

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How To Use A Deer Call


Deer calls are used by hunters or people studying deer, to attract the attention of a deer or to stop them from fleeing out of fear. A variety of deer calls are used, depending on the circumstances. Seasoned hunters do not require gadgets. They have learned the calls of the deer and use them often on their expeditions. Amateur hunters or observers can use various artificial deer call whistles or electronic gadgets that simulate the calls.


Difficulty Level – Difficult

Step One: Learning The Types Of Deer Calls

There are various types of deer calls. There is a specific call for when the deer sights danger and is alerting other deer about it. There is also a specific distress call. Deer and doe have different calls, and other deer can distinguish between male and female calls. Learning the various types of deer calls is no easy task. There are, however, books, videos, and audio to help you get the hang of it. Today, you need not even learn to call. There are many devices that can do that for you. You just need to know how to use the device.

Step Two: Starting Out

It is important for hunters to learn how and when to use the various aggressive and non aggressive deer calls to their advantage. Practice is vital. It takes a couple of months to master a few basic calls. So, if you practice accordingly, by the hunting season you should have no trouble getting your prize.

Step Three: Understanding The Types Of Deer Calls

The contact call is a non aggressive social call that the deer makes to locate other deer. Curious deer and bucks usually respond to this call. The bucks also make a bawling sound to make their desire for company known to other deer.

Maternal calls are the calls made by the doe to locate her fawn. The doe uses this grunt to communicate to the fawn that it is nearby and also to make the fawn come to her when it is time to feed. This call is similar to other social grunts and attracts other does and bucks.

The fawn responds to maternal grunts with a series of mews. It also mews when it wants attention. When the fawn is in distress and needs urgent attention, it uses a bleat or a louder mew. This is a signal for the doe to immediately locate her fawn. This call also attracts the attention of other doe in the area owing to their maternal instincts.

The mating call is used by the deer during the breeding season. The bucks use the mating call when they are fighting another buck for a doe. Sometimes, they are even used by the dominating bucks to determine which doe is in the vicinity or to see which other bucks are in the area. The doe responds to this call to make her availability known. The bleat of the doe in estrus is a louder social call used for the same purpose, to make it known that she is ready to mate.

The bucks make a series of soft tending grunts when they are trailing the doe for the purpose of mating, to stop the doe from leaving the area.


  • Take time to learn the various calls before the hunting season starts, so as to master some basic calls.
  • Do not use mating calls if dominant bucks are in the vicinity; they might attack you.