How To Type A Heart

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How To Type A Heart

With Valentine’s coming up, people are certainly getting mushier and sweeter by the day. You’ve probably noticed the growing number of II love you” messages on your friends’ Facebook Walls and the e-mails being sent to you also have romance attached to them. You’re baffled by one thing, though: there are hearts splashed across the pages. Well, don’t you join in the fun? Learn how to make cute little hears appear on your screen with these easy tips.

Typing A Heart On Facebook

Aside from Friendster and Myspace, Facebook is another online social network that’s popular for both young and old. If you always access your Facebook account, chances are you’ll see numerous cute heart graphics on Walls, Comments, Messages and Notes all over your online community. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make these though. Just try these two tactics below.

Method 1:

  1. Find the less than (<) sign on your keyboard. It’s found beside letter M, sharing a key with the comma sign.
  2. Type the “less than” symbol and the number 3 on the box where you plan to post the heart, such as on a Status, Comment, or Wall. You should create something like this: <3.
  3. You can use the number three, either the one found on the top of the qwerty keys or the one on the num keyboard. Make sure you don’t put a space in between them, though. Hit Enter, and wait for your post to appear.
  4. If you’re successful, you’ll create a small and cute heart graphic.

Method 2:

  1. Check if num lock (number lock) is on. You’ll know it is when you see the indicator on the keyboard light up.
  2. Find the ALT key on your keyboard. Press it, and then press the number 3 found on your numeric keyboard.
  3. Make sure you’re pressing the one found on the num keyboard, and that num lock is enabled. If you’re using the number 3 found on top of the qwerty keys, it won’t work. You’ll end up with the same heart graphic.

Typing A Heart On Your Documents, Forums, and IMs

In some applications or sites, the ALT key and the lesser than sign don’t work. When this happens, you can just make a “primitive” heart. Type < and 3, to make <3. You need a bit of imagination, but if you look at it carefully, it looks like a heart that’s lying on its side.

Other Fun Characters

Hearts are cute, but if want to see other kinds of characters on your screen, you can try making these funny ones.

  • Club – ALT + 5
  • Diamond – ALT + 4
  • Spade – ALT + 6
  • Sign of Venus – ALT + 12
  • Sign of Mars – ALT + 11
  • Musical note – ALT + 13 or ALT + 14
  • Sun – ALT + 15
  • Smiley – ALT + 1
  • Dark smiley – ALT + 2

Fill your screen with cute heart symbols this love-filled season! Just don’t get carried away, though, or the heart might lose its meaning. Use it for times when you really mean it, and if you want others to feel the love.



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