How to Treat Low Libido

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How to Treat Low Libido

Low libido among men and women is a very real problem. Very few would want to talk about it, but the lack of an active sex drive can cause a wedge in relationships and even one’s own health. Here are some healthy and natural alternatives to improve your low libido.

In Men

Low libido in men is typically caused by stress, zinc deficiency, poor physical activity, poor blood circulation and a variety of illnesses. A lack of nitric oxide has a more immediate effect on the male libido: You fail to get an erection at all. Here’s how you can find a remedy for this problem.

  1. Have a complete doctor’s checkup. Again, low male libido is caused by a number of things, so it’s best that you are honest with your daily activities, what you do, what you eat, what you don’t do and what you don’t eat. Being honest about your medical history, your diet and your habits will help the doctor on narrowing down on what exactly is causing your low libido. Be ready to take some tests.
  2. Discuss with your doctor on what kind of treatment or therapy you’d be most comfortable pursuing
  3. If you want more information about your condition and wondering about more options that may be available to you, you may want to see a specialist and ask his or her opinion about your condition.
  4. Consider taking natural or herbal treatment for your condition. Tribulus is said to be an effective herbal remedy for male low libido. However, make sure that you understand any and all side effects that come with herbal treatments.
  5. Expect to start taking vitamin or mineral supplements to overcome your low libido. Lifestyle changes like more exercise and diet changes may be asked of you.
  6. Male hormone treatment can also be an option you may want to look into.

In Women

Low libido in women is usually caused by stress and hormonal imbalance. Here are some ways low libido in women can be addressed.

  1. Start getting the right amount of sleep daily. Seven hours is the optimum number of hours for sleeping, and women experiencing low libido should make sure to have this number of hours of sleep.
  2. Take up exercises that will help ease your stress, such as yoga or tai chi.
  3. Take a vacation to take some time for yourself.
  4. Eat right. Stress levels are also closely connected to an unbalanced diet.
  5. See a specialist if you are still not seeing any improvement in your low libido. Hormone treatments and medication may be needed for your current condition.