How to Transfer Phone Numbers to a New Phone

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How to Transfer Phone Numbers to a New Phone

New phones are riddled with features that getting lost through the functions is normal occurrence.  The simple task of transferring phone numbers becomes more complicated than expected.  However, once you get accustomed to the new phone’s features, transferring numbers and contacts will be as easy as computing sums with a calculator.

Transfer Options

You have two options when transferring contacts to a new phone.  You can place the entire phonebook of your old phone into your new phone or move the contacts one by one.  Both tasks are simple, so you won’t have problems following the procedures.

Transfer Your Old Phone’s Phonebook to Your New Phone

Your sim card is the key for transferring loads of information to your new phone.  Much like a USB flash drive, it is used to store contacts and contact info.  When you insert it in your new phone, you can extract all the numbers it contains through the Contacts folder or your new phone’s phonebook.


  1. Insert your sim card in your old phone.  There is a slot for it behind the phone’s battery.
  2. Access your old phone’s phonebook then store all the contact numbers in your sim card.  Don’t erase the phonebook’s contents, since you may need it later and for future reference.
  3. Remove the sim card.  Insert it in your new phone.
  4. Access your new phone’s phonebook.
  5. Select Options or Settings.
  6. Look for an option that says Copy Sim Contacts or Transfer Sim Contacts to Phone then select it.  If you don’t wish to copy the entire phonebook, select Copy Contacts One-by-One.  Your new phone will proceed to copy all the numbers stored in your sim card.

The sim card does not store additional contact information, such as email addresses or home addresses.  To transfer, just refer to your old phone’s phonebook and manually input the info on your new phone.

Move Contacts Through Business Cards

Let’s say the contacts stored in your new phone aren’t updated.  Of course, you’d want to store the current numbers of your contacts.  You can ask a friend to send you the business cards of the people you wish to add to your new phone’s phonebook.  Accept the cards and they’ll be automatically stored in your new phone.  To send a business card, select a particular contact in the phonebook, press options, then select send business card.  Your means of sending are through text messaging, bluetooth or infrared.

Back Up Your Contacts

After transferring contact numbers to your new phone, your next task is to create a backup for all your contacts.  Store them in your old phone or write them down on your planner, so they can be easily recovered, if ever you lose your new phone.