How to Tickle Yourself

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How to Tickle Yourself

Tickling yourself may sound easy, but even the most ticklish person may find him or herself difficult to tickle. Why? Because our reaction from tickling evolved as a self-defense, as it is like a mock-attack on our body. When we tickle ourselves, we do not react because we are both the recipient and the agent of the tickling, hence our body knows exactly when the tickling will take place.

These tips aren’t surefire ways to tickle yourself, but it never hurts to try!

Use an Extension

You can use an extension of your arm to tickle yourself. That way, your body will not completely anticipate the tickle coming, and the agent of the tickling goes through another medium. You can try using a feather, a massager, or even someone else’s hand!

When using an extension, try to be as spontaneous as possible. Try to surprise yourself with tickling, or take it slow.

Focus on Ticklish Spots

Some parts of our bodies are more prone to tickling than others. Try to focus on tickling that most ticklish part of you. Don’t use strong, forceful movements but try going for soft, feather-like strokes.

There’s also one spot in your body that will give you a higher chance of getting tickled. Try to look for that soft portion at the roof of your mouth using your pinky finger. Stroke it gently using the same finger. This spot will most likely get you tickled. Don’t go in too deep as you might end making yourself vomit! (Tips on how to get rid of your gag reflex)

Taking Cues

You can try taking cues from an outside source, such as this video. The video will instruct you on how to place the palm of your hand on a ticklish area. It will then proceed to guide you on how you can tickle yourself. Taking cues from another source may not exactly have an element of surprise, but it may just be enough for you to start tickling yourself.