How to Switch a SIM Card

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How to Switch a SIM Card

Every mobile phone needs a SIM card for it to work, and most people only use one. For others, though, the need to use another SIM card sometimes arises, and if this happens to you, you should know how to switch a SIM card properly.

What You’ll Need:

  • Mobile phone with old SIM card
  • New SIM card
  • Cellphone provider
  • Online phone dealer

Switching SIM Cards on An Unlocked Cellphone

If your cellphone is unlocked, you’re in luck; you won’t have any difficulty changing the SIM you’re using. An unlocked cellphone can use any SIM card from any phone service provider, so whatever type of SIM you’re replacing it with will work. All you need to know now is how to properly remove and replace the SIM:

  1. Turn off the cellphone before you begin.
  2. Check the back of the cellphone to see how you can remove the outer cover/case. Most units just require a bit of pressure to do this. Put your fingertip on the arrow that’s pointing downwards, press lightly, and carefully slide the case.
  3. Remove the cellphone battery. Be careful not to drop it. With your fingertips, slide out the SIM card carefully, and put the new card in its place. Put back the battery and the case.
  4. Switch on the phone and check if it works. If it doesn’t remove the cover again, and see if the SIM card is placed in the proper direction.
  5. If there’s an error message that appears on the screen, it means your phone is locked.

Switching SIM Cards on A Locked Cellphone

The practice of “locking” cellphones started in North America. It means that your mobile can only be used if you’re using a SIM from a particular cellphone company. If this is the case, the process of switching SIM cards can be a bit more tricky.

  1. If your contract with the service provider had been ongoing for quite some time, visit the branch where you purchased the phone and see if they can unlock your phone. Most companies are very willing, especially if you are not canceling the contract, but rather just using equipment that you own.
  2. Some cellphone companies don’t unlock cellphones. If you encounter this, take your phone to an independent service provider, and let them do the work. This requires you to shell out some cash, though, at least $20 to $30.
  3. Another way is to contact an online phone dealer to unlock the phone. The dealer will use your IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is a number made for GSM and UMTS phones that can help break the locked code. The dealer will e-mail you the IMEI unlock code along with instructions on how to do it. This can cost you money too, at least $30 to $40.

If you need to change your mobile phone’s SIM card ,whether temporarily or permanently, just try these simple steps. Also, remember that SIM cards can be damaged easily, so be careful with yours.