How to Survive Working Night Shift

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How to Survive Working Night Shift

Very early in our lives, we have been trained to follow a certain routine. We wake up in the morning, do our tasks for the day and sleep at night. Working on a graveyard shift breaks this routine. While most people find it easy to adapt to this change, there are others who don’t. If your job requires you to work at night, here are some ways you can follow to survive a night shift.

Adjust your Body Clock

Our body have been trained to follow a specific schedule. For first timers, making your body clock follow your work time may be hard to do. Write down your routine for the day.  Follow your morning routine when you wake up. Instead of eating your usual dinner in the evening, try to eat a healthy breakfast. Have your dinner after work.  This is one way of conditioning your body.

Have a Good Sleep

It’s hard to work when you lack sleep. After your shift, try to get enough sleep. Draw the curtains so the sun doesn’t get in. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible. If the light bothers you, try to wear an eye mask . Listen to soothing music to make your mind and body relax. If it’s too noisy outside, try to use earplugs to shut off the noise. This way, your body will react to the environment and you’ll be able to fall asleep.

Staying Awake at Work

There are times when you still feel sleepy and tired at work even if you had enough sleep. This is because your body is still adjusting to your work schedule. Keep awake at work by doing any of the following.

Energy Boosters and Stimulants

Coffee and soda will keep you awake at work. Some people who have been working on a graveyard shift for a long time says that smoking also helps you stay awake. If you’re not a smoker, don’t try smoking. There are other ways to avoid falling asleep at work. Buy those energy drinks, like Red Bull. It’ll help you stay awake through out your shift.

Avoid the sugar rush. Chocolates and other sweet treats may help you stay up at work, but its effects only last for a short time. When that rush has passed, you’ll feel even more tired and sleepy than before you had that sweet.


There are easy exercises and stretches you can do at work, like turning your head, shaking your hands, and stretching your arms. These activities will improve blood circulation and help you stay awake.

Water and Air

During your break, go out and get some fresh air. Walking and fresh air will stimulate your body. Splashing water on your face also has the same effect. Keep yourself well hydrated. Water will make you feel refreshed.

Keep Yourself Busy

If you have an idle time at work, talk to your office mates so you don’t get bored. Listen to music or read a book. This way, even if you’re not busy at work, your mind is still working.

Not all people can handle night shifts. If there’s no way for you to avoid working at night, just remember to take care of yourself. Take necessary vitamins and eat healthy foods. Having a healthy body will help you survive those long hours at work, especially when you’re on the graveyard shift. For more information regarding this article, read how to stay up all night.