How to Survive a New School

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How to Survive a New School

A new school is like an awkward “feeling out process” bound within an organization’s gates. The culture is new, the people act strange, and the teachers are deceivingly nice. A freshman will have his or her share of early jitters in school. Good thing there are strategies that can make the transition much smoother than expected.

I. Joining a School Clique


Every school is rich with diversity when it comes to students and the same categories can be found in all schools. Groups, like the jocks, the geeks, the hip girls, the comedians, and the artists, can be seen at the cafeteria converging in their own respective circles.


new schoolAs a new student, your job is to observe each circle and see where you fit in. Remember the faces of your chosen circle. Take their picture with your mobile phone, if you have to. Remember, not all people are open to being approached by new students, so keep an eye on the one who look friendly and approachable.


Chance up on one or a few of the group’s kind looking members, when you see any of them walking in the school hall. Since you’re new, you can act lost or confused with a school procedure once you make the approach. Right after he or she answers your inquiry, say something pertaining to the group’s common interest, politely. The student will then warm up to you, leading to a possible conversation. Not before long, you’ll be your chosen circle’s latest addition.

II. Surviving Class

Classmates and Tests

Acing each of your subjects is entirely dependent on your study habits and your resistance towards peer pressure. Maintain a healthy study habit, at least only for tests and final exams. If studying simply doesn’t sit well with your personality, you can apply discreet and resourceful means to copy from the test papers of your seatmates. Some of the class’ naughty students will even find you cool if you cheat with grace.


As for the professors, they are generally nice to new students. Make sure you befriend some of them, to the point that they already share their personal lives. Some teachers will get too attached to you, which as a result, reduces your chances of failing in class. Their conscience will haunt them, the moment they think of giving you failing marks. However, this tactic rarely works with terror teachers, as they are only satisfied with good performance.

New School, New Memories to Make

When you have a stable clique and manage to get good, or at least passing, grades, you’ll certainly treasure your stay at your new school. In fact, your stay may even contain some of the best years of your life.

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