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How to Survive a Bear Attack

Teddy bears may be cute and cuddly but never think that real bears can be hugged and adored the same way. Bears rarely attack humans unless they feel they are in danger, surprised, or if they wish to protect their cubs and territory; however, if avoiding them is out of the question, then you have to be prepared.

There are many ways to survive a bear attack depending on the type of bear you may encounter. Here are some tips on how to deal with these overwhelmingly dangerous creatures:

Black bear attack

Black bears are identifiable through a variety of color such as light blond and black. They do not have a hump similar to a grizzly bear and may have smaller claws. They can be found mostly in North America.

If a black bear attacks, stand your ground and scream with all your might while flailing your arms about. You can bluff the black bear by placing your bag or a bike over your head to look bigger and more ferocious.

If the black bear comes near, use a bear pepper spray to keep a safe distance. Also, don’t try climbing a tree to get away since they are excellent climbers. Instead, if the black bear attacks, fight back. They will usually lose interest and simply give up once you aggressively attack.

Grizzly bear attack

Grizzly bears are usually colored medium to dark brown. They have a clearly identifiable shoulder hump which they use for digging roots and killing their prey. They can be found mostly in Canada, Alaska and some states in the U.S.

If attacked by a grizzly bear. Use a bear pepper spray as your first line of defense. If this does not work, then don’t even think of running since a grizzly bear can surely outrun you since it will think of you as a prey.

The best thing to do is to play dead. Drop to the ground to cover your back and curl into the fetal position. Grizzlies will eventually stop attacking once they feel you are no longer a threat.

Polar bear attack

The polar bear is the deadliest bear of them all. Though they usually feast on seals and other sea creatures, they have also been known to attack humans. These white-furred creatures usually live within the Arctic circle encompassing the Arctic ocean.

You can survive a polar bear attack by using firearms since they can be really unforgiving and strong. The best way still is to simply avoid the area.

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