How to Stop a Receding Hairline

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How to Stop a Receding Hairline

Receding hair line or hair loss may be caused by various factors. There are different ways to prevent this from happening. Here are some tips on how to stop are receding hairline.


  • Underlying medical condition
  • Insufficient nutrient intake.
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Aging

Normally, we lose about 50 to 100 hairs everyday. If you think you’re losing more hair than the normal range, you might want to consult your doctor to check for any underlying condition that might be causing the problem.


  • Eat nutritious meals. One of the causes of hair loss and receding hair line is the lack of nutrients in our body. Make sure that you’re taking in enough nutrients, especially those that promote hair growth, like zinc, magnesium, biotin, vitamins A, C, E and B.
  • Massage your scalp to promote good blood circulation. A good circulation will make nutrients reach your scalp and keep them healthy. Massaging once or twice a day is a good way of improving circulation in the body.
  • Avoid brushing or combing hair frequently. Friction and pulling the hair may lead to more hair loss. You can use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to fix your hair. Using a conditioner will soften your hair, making it easier for you to comb it.
  • Avoid styling your hair that requires you to pull it up and tie it in a bun.  It’s better to just let your hair down or use a headband to keep your hair off your face.
  • Change your pillow case. Cotton pillowcases add friction and promotes hair loss. Silk and satin pillowcases creates less friction than cotton.
  • Use hair loss solutions or shampoos that block or slow down the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is responsible for receding hair lines.
  • Ginkgo Biloba helps improve circulation so that your hair and scalp is properly nourished.
  • Green tea and stinging Nettle blocks the production of DHT through its natural substance called Catechins.
  • Use Rosemary on your scalp. This essential oil stimulates your hair and treats hair loss. Mix a few drops of Rosemary oil with a spoonful of basic oil, like olive oil. Apply this mixture on your receding hair line or bald spot every night.
  • Hair transplant can also be done to stop receding hair line. This procedure uses your own hair and distribute hairs on bald spots.

When considering on following any of these tips, keep in mind that a receding hair line occurs naturally. It’s a part of the aging process. If you think, you’re experiencing severe hair loss, go to your doctor to get the proper treatments.