How to Start a Rooftop Garden

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How to Start a Rooftop Garden

Living in the city and having a nice garden is such a wonderful idea, but how do you do it when the city is packed with so many buildings? Since there’s no more space, you can opt for a rooftop garden. Here are some steps you can follow to make one.

Things you’ll need:

  • Soil
  • Plants and flowers
  • Insulation layer – This is where you place the soil.
  • Waterproof barrier
  • Root barrier – Use this to avoid the roots from going through the waterproof layer.
  • Clay, gravel or plastic- This is where the water drains.
  • Filter- This prevents soil erosion.


  • Check if it’s safe to make a rooftop garden on your home or building.
    • Talking with an architect would be a great idea. You have to know if the roof can hold the added weight of a garden.
    • If you’re living in an apartment or leasing a house, it’s good talk to the owner about your plans.
    • This type of garden also requires a flat area. A roof that slopes isn’t advisable.
  • Choose the sunniest part of the roof. This will ensure that your garden will receive enough sunlight.
  • Set the foundation layers and barriers.
    • Use a plastic sheet as the base layer.
    • Lay down the water proof barrier and then the root barrier.
  • Select the plants and flowers you want to grow.
    • Choose those that are not sensitive to harsh weather, as they will be exposed to rain, cold and heat everyday.
    • Using plants that commonly grow in the area is a good choice. These plants are already accustomed to the weather changes in your city.
    • Use plastic or clay pots for your plants.
  • Decorate your rooftop garden.
    • If you have enough space, you may add gazebos, trellis, tables and benches.
      You have to be cautious in using decorations.
    • Your roof may not be able to hold the additional weight, if you use heavy materials. This is why consulting with an architect is important.

Benefits of A Rooftop Garden

  • It gives you a peaceful place to relax.
  • It reduces air pollution by giving us more oxygen and decreasing carbon dioxide.
  • On hot days, a rooftop garden makes the air a bit cooler.
  • It serves as an insulator on cold days.
  • Birds can come and rest on your garden.


  • Water your plants everyday.
  • Use fertilizers. There are instructions that come with the plants and seeds you buy, sodollow these carefully. Putting too much fertilizer may damage your plants and flowers.

Making a rooftop garden doesn’t only give you a place to rest, but also promotes environmental awareness. Have one now and start experiencing all the things a rooftop garden brings.