How to Repair Your Trampoline

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How to Repair Your Trampoline

You will need these tools to complete this task:

  • Needle
  • High strength monofilament


A trampoline is great for exercise, but if you do not keep it repaired it can turn into a deadly deathtrap. So to prevent problems that could result in injury or death and extend the life of the trampoline you own let’s take a common sense approach. First off, if your trampoline is large, you will be using different springs to a smaller trampoline, along with a different canvas and different protective covers. If your trampoline is no longer manufactured by the company that made it, you might be able to find the parts you need from other companies who make generic parts or who have begun making parts for outmode models.

A Trampoline–What it is Made Of

First off, you need to know that a trampoline is a gymnastic device that can also be used for recreation. It is made with a taut strong fabric that is stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs to provide the rebounding force that lets the person who jumps on it jump higher in the air–the fabric is not elastic but the springs provide the movement and stretch needed. Many things can go wrong and we will cover them. Springs can break, frames can bend, and worst of all canvas can rip or tear; padding can also fall off the sides and cause problems should you ever hit them.

Dealing with Spring Breaks

Spring breaks can cause a major hazard with broken metal parts that can cut, slice and gouge if fallen on, not to mention the instability that results when it breaks. Many trampoline sets come with spares, but there may be cases when the trampoline has no spares and thus you need to simply go out, buy a same gauge replacement spring that can handle the stresses, and re-loop it in the metal ring on the canvas. Many times these metal rings can be ripped off and create a tear in the canvas itself, in this case there is no need to panic–you need only find a strong thread like monofilament synthetic thread, and have a sturdy needle with some knowledge on how to stitch it back together.

Repairing Ripped Canvas

If you rip the canvas, or there is a hole, you need to first stop anyone from using it, and then assess the amount of damage. If this is a hard to find size and shape, you may need to replace it, either professionally or by yourself. Holes are normally patched with trampoline canvas material that is stitched around the hole area more than one time to ensure that there will not be any ripping again. Rips can also receive stitching that is redundant in nature and will hold out longer than the rest of the canvas. If you know how to, or have a sewing machine with the right kind of settings that can handle extremely strong thread you can give it a shot, and avoid the trampoline repair costs that are normally around fifty dollars for just a hole, and a lot more for a rip.

Dealing with Worn Out Padding and Bent Frames

Replacement padding is relatively easy to find, mold, and then attach with a high-powered epoxy, and you should do so whenever any part has worn out or needs repair. It is important to always keep the frame safe, as bends in it can cause some serious issues. If you have a friend (or you yourself) who is into welding (Learn how to weld) or metal construction and your trampoline gets a bend you could always see if it can be bent back with some tools or heat.

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    on July 25th, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    The thread on my trampoline that attaches the spring to the frame have worn out, and now the springs are falling off is there a way to sow all of them at once or do i have to sow them back on by hand?

  3. Danielle Light said,

    on June 21st, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    My little boy poked a rip in our trampoline and I was wanting to know if there is a patch kit or how do we fix it.

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    looking for a place that sells the repair kits but not sure if my sewing machine will be heavy duty enough. Have been searching for hours for that or a person in my area who will repair it. No luck. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Penne said,

    on July 10th, 2009 at 9:56 am

    I have been searching for either a repair kit for our trampoline that has 2 holes in it or someone that will actually do it for us (since I don’t think my sewing machine is heavy duty). If anybody can give me the info I would appreciate it. I have been online for hours searching this topic.
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  10. Davy said,

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    I have some patches (at a small cost) that may be suitable for anyone wishing to repair themselves.