How to Repair Accordion Window Blinds

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How to Repair Accordion Window Blinds

The right set of window blinds adds a certain type of elegance and refinement to your home. One of the most preferred type of window blinds is the accordion type. It is true that the intricate patterns add to the overall beauty of the room. These blinds can be woven in either natural or synthetic fabrics. With the passage of time they tend to need a bit of repairing just like every other item in the house. Since they are made on a commercial scale, it is easy to get the right tools for their repair. They are surprisingly easy to maintain and the process of repairing them can be fun if done in an organized way.


When you set out to complete the task of repairing accordion window blinds, the best thing you can do before actually taking apart the structure is to study other similar blinds placed in the house. By following the technique of their make, you will easily be able to spot out the fault in the blind you wish to work on. After doing so, you must de-assemble the blind very carefully. If the blind has become unbalanced, the best way of repairing is to lower its level completely and then raise it back to the original position. Repeated use of this method will soon give you the desired results. If the window blind is white in color, then any spots can be rectified by simple application of a white polish on the surface. Care must be taken to let the polish dry fully before the blind is re-installed. It is advisable to seek the company’s help if the accordion window blinds are electronic in their functioning as the pulleys and levers might be a bit of a tough job for self-repair.

Taking care of your accordion blinds

Proper care must be taken of the blinds to ensure that they work in a perfect condition for a long time. For doing so, they must be cleaned thoroughly every year to avoid dust and other pollutants from damaging the fabric and other parts. Washing an accordion blind is relatively easy and can be done on the same pattern as a vinyl or aluminum blind. You can simply take the accordion blind down and wash it with a solution of water and mild soap with the help of a soft scrubber or sponge. This can be done easily in a bathroom or even in the garden. You can use a hose to rinse off the excess soap. It must be remembered that the accordion window blind must be allowed to dry completely before it is installed back on the window.

These simple steps will go a long way in keeping your accordion window blinds in great shape and making your room look more beautiful for a long time. With the right maintenance regime, you can save on a lot of money and be free of the hassles that come with the negligence of simple cleaning practices.