How to Repair a Mower Deck

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How to Repair a Mower Deck

A mower deck is a garden device. It facilitates the cleaning or the cutting of the grass in a uniform way. Some of
the ways to prevent damage and the correct ways of repairing this very useful mowing tool are as follows:

1. When lots of uncut grass remains in the mower, streaking takes place. It is an operational mistake or when the
mower blades are not maintained well enough.
a) When blades are not pointed or sharp enough such problems can occur.
b) To rectify it, you should sharpen the blades of the mower. Blades, which are too old, need to be replaced by new
ones. If the speed of the engine is slow, you should continue mowing at maximum speed.
c) When the mower deck is filled with grass and dust particles, it should be cleaned.

2. Stepped or uneven cutting is another common problem in any deck, this happens when sharp edges are found in the
lawn surface.
a) If the mower deck is not in a correct level it can create problems, therefore we should see that the deck is leveled
in the right way.
b) Proper installation of tires is also required, regular checks on tires will keep the trouble at bay.
c) When the shell of the deck is damaged, the only alternative is to replace it.
d) When the spindle is loose or twisted, you should repair it or buy a new spindle.

3. Maladjustment of mower deck can also cause a wavy effect while cutting.
a) If the blades are installed properly it can cause the wavy effect, therefore you should re-install the mower
b) Muted edges of the blades or damaged blades can also create this problem. We should replace the blades in such

4. When the mower deck cuts too close to the grass, it is known as scalping. This problem occurs if the surface is
not even or when the motor speed is too fast.
a) When the lawn is jagged or bouncy, it can create scalping. Therefore you should do the levelling of the lawn before
b) When the cutting stature or height of the mower deck is low, such a problem can arise. Therefore raise the reduced
height in the cutting.
c) When tire force is not even scalping occurs, therefore we should check the tires or inflate it.

5. When there is operational failure or when the blades are not maintained properly, pieces of uncut grass can be
left behind. They are known as stingers.
a) Blades that are blunt can cause stingers. You have to file the blades properly to avoid it.
b) The engine, if slow in momentum; the pace of engine should be accelerated by mowing at full speed.
c) The mower deck should be unsoiled and clean of grass to avoid stingers.

In addition to all the above-mentioned methods, one should always conduct routine checks of the mower deck. If you
decide to buy a new one, you should purchase from a well reputed company that supplies a consistent engine. The metal
deck should be of a good quality, it would be best with aluminium parts.