How to Remove Burrs from Clothing

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How to Remove Burrs from Clothing

Plants have a number of ways to spread their seeds and ensure their survival. Dandelions have light seeds that can be carried by the wind, while fruits have their sweet flavor to entice the birds. Some weeds have burrs. Burrs are seed pods that are surrounded with tiny thorns that stick to anything brushing them. This is how the plants spread their seed. They are relatively easy to remove, but can be time-consuming. Here’s how you can remove them from your clothes or from fur more easily.

Remove from Clothes

When removing burrs from clothes (or fur), it’s always wise to wear protective gloves to protect your skin from being injured by the spikes on the burr. You should also use gloves should you decide to remove the burrs one by one.

Burr Remover

A specially-made device made to remove burr from clothing. It looks like an electric razor, with a bigger holes for the burrs to fit in.

Lint Roller

Use a lint roller brush with a removable tape. Gently run the brush over the patches of burrs until they are all stuck on the brush instead of your clothes.

Hand Towels or Paper Towels

Use another surface for the burrs to stick on in the form of hand towels or paper towels. Simply press the towel on top of the burrs to encourage them to stick. Dispose of the paper towels.

Sticky Tape

Sticky tape is a little more aggressive than other materials. Place the sticky side of the tape on the burrs and pull them off in one swift motion. The burrs will, hopefully stick on the sticky tape, but you can always try again if it didn’t work the first time.


You can try combing out the burrs by using a fine-toothed comb to coax them out from clinging on your clothes.

Disposable Razor

You can also use a disposable razor the same way you used the comb. Use the razor to cut off the burrs from your clothes.

Remove from Fur

Getting burrs in your pet’s fur can be quite painful and sometimes dangerous for your pet. Here’s how you can remove them with the minimum of pain and fuss.


If your pet’s hair is long enough, give the hairs the burrs are sticking on a quick snip.

Metal Comb

Grasp the base of your pet’s fur (the one the burr is sticking on) and comb out the burrs using a fine metal comb. You can also use a slicker brush if the fur is long enough.

Vegetable Oil

Slick some vegetable oil on the affected area and continue slicking it until the burrs fall off. Wash up the area after.



  1. Pat Cwiek said,

    on January 9th, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    This was the most helpful site on the subject. It gives several options and neat ideas. My son’s favorite jacket and shorts are covered with tiny burrs as are several towels he tried to use to get them off his clothing and now some of the burrs are imbedded into the towels! I am guessing there are hundreds of the tiny burrs on each cloth item! I have tried soaking them out and washing them out without success. I think I’m going to try my little trimming electric razor to see if that might work. The different options here are great!