How to Remove Bathroom Odors

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How to Remove Bathroom Odors

Putrid odors can appear in your bathroom if left unclean for long periods. Molds and mildew latch onto the walls and tiles, emitting disgusting smells. An unclean toilet, on the other hand, may retain the scents of human waste, even after you press the flush. The bathroom is ideally a pleasant place, especially if it bears well-designed arrangements. Make yours one by applying a germ-killing and odor-removing routine.

Prepare a Couple of Homemade Solutions

Using a commercial deodorizer is the quickest way to counteract the odor coming from molds and mildew. The problem is, the spray only eliminates the smell, not the source. Good thing your kitchen is home to a couple of condiments that can kill molds and remove all sorts of scents. Prepare cleaning solutions based on vinegar and baking soda.

Germ-Killing Solution

bathroomMolds and germs work hand in hand to create nasty smells in your bathroom. You can get rid of them through a vinegar-based cleaning solution. Vinegar, which is highly acidic, kills microbes instantly, upon contact. To prepare the mixture, mix 3 parts warm water with one part white vinegar. Dip a clean cloth into the solution then scrub the various surfaces in your bathroom, including the toilet. Rinse the solution with soap and water after. If the odor still remains, proceed to making then applying the homemade deodorizer.

The Homemade Deodorizer

Getting rid of odors is one of baking soda’s alternative uses, making it the perfect item for deodorizing bathrooms. Prepare the deodorizer by mixing the powder with a little water, which creates a partially thick base. Using a piece of cloth, scrub the solution on all the bathroom’s smelly areas. If the odors persist, apply baking soda directly. Rinse off the deodorizer with soap and water.

Use Febreze on the Most Stubborn Smells

Sometimes the most stubborn bathroom odors remain, even after applying the vinegar and baking soda solutions. In this case, you need to turn to the Febreze spray or any equally effective deodorizer. Purchase one or two cans from a home supply store. Spray liberally on the smelly areas of your bathroom. Within minutes, all the unwanted odors will be gone.

The Three-Hit Combo Against Odors

Bathroom odors, putrid as they are, shouldn’t pose as significant threats. Preparing both homemade solutions is easy as well as applying them. Besides, if the odors are pretty stubborn, they won’t stand a chance against the Febreze spray. Your bathroom is in safe and fragrant hands with all three solutions present.