How to Relieve Gas

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How to Relieve Gas

Excessive gas creates discomforts and pains. There are several causes for the build up of gas  in the body. Here are some tips you can follow to relieve gas.


  • Underlying health conditions. Frequent gas accumulation may be a sign of another illness that needs to be treated immediately.  Conditions, like ulcerative colitis and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may cause gas build up.
  • Laxative use. Abuse of laxatives can cause flatulence.
  • Constipation causes a bloated feeling and a difficulty of releasing gas.
  • Medications
  • Food intolerance

Treatments and Preventions

  • Identify foods that aren’t good for you. You may be intolerant to certain foods. Try to avoid these foods.
  • Avoid Gas forming foods. Foods high in fat slows down intestinal motility, leading to a bloated feeling and formation of gas. You might also want to avoid dairy products and temporarily lessen your intake of high fiber.
  • Use hot compress on your abdomen for pain and expulsion of gas.
  • Drink water to help facilitate the release of gas.
  • Exercise. Following a daily exercise routine will improve circulation and digestive functions.
  • Carbonated drinks cause gas build-up. Limit or avoid these drinks as much as you can.
  • Position your body in such a way that you’re able to compress your abdomen. Sit on your legs and bend down. This will help compress your abdomen and facilitate the release of flatus.
  • Try belching to expel gas.


  • Antacids have properties that can help expel gas, especially those antacids with calcium bicarbonate.
  • Simethicone. Look for over the counter medicines that contain this substance. Simethicone breaks up gas making it easier for you to expel it.
  • Lactase supplements can be taken by lactose intolerant patients to help the, digest dairy products and treat excessive gas formations.

Home Remedies

  • Drink peppermint tea to relax your intestinal muscles.
  • Have some celery seeds and chew them. Don’t swallow the seeds.
  • Chamomile tea aids in digestion and helps in expelling gas.
  • Fennel also helps in releasing gas. Add a teaspoonful of dried fennel on a cup of hot water.
  • Eat small meals to avoid gas build up
  • Chew your food slowly. It’s very important to eat properly. Don’t swallow big chunks of foods to avoid slowing down motility. Drink water when you eat.

If you’re frequently experiencing excessive accumulation of gas and a sense of fullness, you might want to consult your doctor to check if you have a health condition that requires immediate treatment.