How to Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage

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How to Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage

Losing weight doesn’t only mean bringing down the numbers on your bathroom scale. Most of the time, people lose more muscles than fat because of  misguided weight loss methods. Here are some tips to lose weight properly and reduce your body fat percentage.

Body Fat Percentage

  • To get your fat percentage, divide your total weight of body fats by your body weight. Of course, if you don’t know your fat’s total weight, you wouldn’t be able to do this.
  • One method of estimating your fat percentage is the skinfold method.  You pinch the skin on any of your body part, for example your arm, and measure it with the use of a caliper.  Use the same area and apply the same amount of pressure every time you use this method.
  • The acceptable value of fat percentage for women is 25- 31 %, while for men, it’s 18-26%.

Body Mass Index

Though this method doesn’t really show your actual fat percentage, it’ll give you an idea of your ideal body weight in relation to your height. The normal BMI is between 18.5 to 25.

Methods to Reduce Fat Percentage

Lowering your fat percentage is associated with how much calorie you take and burn everyday.

The best way to decrease your fat percentage is to exercise and limit the amount of calories you take.

Fat Burning Exercises

  • Choose a routine that will make you sweat and increase your metabolism. This doesn’t really mean joining a fitness club, although it’s also a good idea if you do. There are numerous activities you can do without spending money.
  • Running, Swimming and Biking are just few examples of the numerous choices you have. Choose an activity that you will enjoy most doing. Try to have a work out schedule. Exercising 30 minutes to an hour thrice a week is a good work out schedule.


  • One mistake most people commit when losing weight is forgetting to tone their muscles. For those of you who have tried those fast weight loss programs, you may have noticed that you developed loose skin. This is because your body wasn’t able to adjust very well when you were trying to lose weight.  Toning your muscles will help you prevent this from happening.
  • Weight training is a good way of toning muscles. For starters, use weights that are easy for you to carry. Perform different exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, lunges and squats. For your abs, you may try sit-ups, oblique twists and reverse crunches. As you get used to the weights that you’re using, gradually change to a heavier weight and increase your reps per set.


  • It’s very important to watch out for the kinds of food you eat.  There’s no need to starve yourself to reduce your fat percentage.  The key thing to remember is that the amount of calorie you burn should be greater than the amount of calorie you take.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. These will boost up your metabolism and make you feel full longer.
  • Take appropriate amount of protein as your body needs protein especially when you’re exercising.
  • Avoid sugar as this is metabolized by your body faster. Sugar also makes you feel hungry faster and increases your cravings.

Whatever weight loss program you’re following, keep in mind that there is no fast way for a healthy body. You need to sweat and sacrifice a little to achieve the kind of body you want. Lose weight safely. Don’t fall into the pit of fast weight loss programs.