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How to Rap

Learning how to rap is easy as long as you have the patience to practice your craft regularly. Since rapping is mostly improvising, you must let the words flow freely first to get a feel of things. Once you are into the groove and comfortable with the medium, you can start experimenting a little bit. If you’d like to master the art of rapping, here are a few tips that can help you along the way:

Keep things simple and let it all flow.

As much as you’d like to impress your potential audience with your rapping wizardry, it’s always good to start with words and rhythm that are simple. Let the words flow and you’ll soon get the hang of it. You may commit a lot of mistakes with rhyming and word choices but just keep flowing.

If you are stumped and you’d like to bail yourself out from some awkward pauses, you can dish out fillers — little phrases that you can use to allow you more time to think of a more suitable line. Think ahead and use these fillers to save face. Once you are better at this craft, you can rely less heavily on fillers.

Write a rap.

Since you are a beginner, it’s good to practice your lines first. You can start by writing your own rap. Writing down your rap will allow you to create more intricate lyrics. Rap about the things around you, incorporate people, current events, situations, and the like.

Once you have grown more comfortable with the basic structure, you can now try to experiment and work on traditional poetic techniques. Use metaphors to compare things and incorporate ryhme to give your rap the needed edge.

Practice all the time.

Rap as you take your shower. Rap while walking to work. Rap while driving your kids to school. Keep going and before you know it, rapping will be a natural thing for you to do.

Rapping is like any other skill or craft. Just like baking or shooting freethrows, rapping requires tremendous amount of practice. Listen to pro rappers and master their style as well. Rap with your friends, classmates and even family members.

Join a rap battle.

To test your rapping talent, challenge a fellow rapper into a freestyle rapping duel. Trade insults, lightning-quick one liners and dazzle your competition with your quick thinking. Never stop learning and just be open to new possibilities that may come your way.

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