How to Put Cufflinks on a Shirt

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How to Put Cufflinks on a Shirt

Men can look just as fashionable as women, and although they can’t wear glamorous dresses during black-tie occasions, they can put on cufflinks, to make their formal wear look more stylish. They add a personal style to any dress shirt or suit, so knowing how to put cufflinks on a shirt properly is very important. Follow these steps.

What You’ll Need:

  • A shirt with link cuffs
  • Cufflinks


  1. Put on your dress shirt, like you normally would, putting your arms through the sleeves as neatly as you can.
  2. A shirt with French cuffs is twice as long compared to one with normal cuffs, and has no buttons and with four holes on each cuff, for the links. If your shirt is French-cuffed, fold it in half, so the holes for the cuff links will be aligned. Don’t wear two pairs of cuff links, though.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the type of cufflinks you have. Links come in different designs and backings, such as:
    • Fixed backing - An extension of the cufflink face the post and backing are created from the same metal found at the cufflink’s front side. It’s a bit more tedious to affix, but because it doesn’t move or bend in any way, it doesn’t easily fall off.
    • Bullet back closure – The easiest to put on and the most common. It has a bullet or torpedo shaped capsule suspended between two posts. It can be flipped on its axis, so it’ll go through the buttonholes, then flipped horizontally.
    • Whale back closure – It has a solid, flat whale tail that flips flat to insert, and back to secure.
    • Reversible – These have designs on their back end instead of plain fixed discs.
    • Chain link – The most traditional cufflink form. It has two sides joined together by a chain, allowing a looser cuff.
    • Ball return – Its backing is composed of gold or silver and is very stylish and easy to put on.
  4. Start with one sleeve. Fold back the cuffs, allowing them to form an even and near line at the sleeves’ end. Hold the two open edges of the cuff together, checking that the hole buttons are lined up appropriately.
  5. Insert the cufflink, pushing it through the hole from outside. This allows the design to be seen. Secure it, depending on the type of link.

One last tip: Make sure the cufflinks you wear match the occasion or event you’re going to. Once you’ve secured the cuffs, you can now show off your more stylish and elegant look.



  1. owen said,

    on July 3rd, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    A ton people say cuff links are pass, but from experience, they are totally incorrect. Cuff Links definitely will be worn for ages, regardless if they are sported at weddings, special events or for a simple good time. They really do spice up someones attire and every single time I hand over a pair to a loved one, they think it’s the coolest thing to happen to them since Michael Jackson did the moonwalk