How to Pull Weeds

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How to Pull Weeds

A flourishing green garden looks lovely, but when all the greenery turns out to be weeds, it’s not a pretty sight. Weeds make your plants and blooms unhealthy, so you need to take them out. You can use insecticide, but if you prefer manual work, you can simply pull out the weeds. Here’s what you should do.

What You’ll Need:

  • Garden
  • Small trowel
  • Rubber gloves
  • Trash bag
  • Watering can or gardening hose


  1. If your garden soil isn’t moist at all, water the garden three to four hours before you start pulling weeds. The wetter and softer the soil, the easier the roots will slip out. Remember, you need to make the area moist, but not muddy. The amount of water you use depends on the amount of rainfall and temperature of the day, so make the necessary adjustments.
  2. pulling weeds

  3. Slip on rubber gloves or a pair which has rubber gripping. It provides adequate gripping for weeds, which might snap easily when you grip it with bare hands. This will also protect your hands, as some weeds have thorns or can cause skin infection and irritation.
  4. Grab the weed from the root source, or the place where the weed enters the ground. Check the weed. Depending on its type, it might be rooted in several different places.
  5. As you grab the weed, don’t just pull upwards or yank it from side to side. Instead, twist it gently, but not to the point that it snaps. This will loosen the root and ground from the soil, providing you with a bigger space for the root to be lifted from the ground.
  6. As you gently twist your hand on the root, pull upwards as gently as you can. If the weed still refuses to budge, shape the space deeper and wider in the soil with the help of the trowel. Be careful not to sever the root.
  7. If the weed has not traveled to other areas yet it will be easily pulled out. If it already has, you’ll need to use the trowel to completely dig the root out. Make sure you don’t hurt your plant.
  8. Check the weed’s root; it should be a long, white stem. If it broke in the ground, retrieved the rest with the trowel.
  9. Don’t leave a pulled weed on the ground, because its seeds might germinate. Put them in a trash bag as soon as they are pulled out. Dispose of the bag properly.

Nobody likes a weed infestation in their garden, so learning how to pull weeds properly is very important. Just follow these steps and watch your plants and bloom flourish and grow healthy.



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