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How to Prepare for College

College is perhaps the most challenging, yet exciting part of a person’s education. You’ve passed the admission test and you’re done enrolling, but the preparation doesn’t stop here. There are numerous things you’ll need to do before you step into the university you chose.

What You’ll Need:

  • Checklist
  • Money
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop
  • School map
  • Mobile phone
  • List of emergency numbers

List Down Everything You Need

If you live away from home, and will be settling in a dorm, you have to make sure you bring all the necessary items you’ll be needing during your stay in the campus. To make sure you’ve got everything you need in your bags, make a list.

Most college freshmen bring these:

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Uniform (if applicable)
  • Desk lamp
  • Toiletries
  • Small trash can
  • Beddings and pillows
  • School books
  • Stationery and writing materials
  • Laptop
  • Money

Pack your bags a few days before you leave for the university, so you won’t cram at the last minute. Count how many luggage you have, before and after you arrive.

Prepare Some Money

Sure, your parents will be paying for your tuition fee, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to rely on them all the time. Remember, the costs of enrolling you in the school are already too high, so it’s a good idea to help out in your own way. Make and save some money before you enter the school. Get a summer job or baby sit. The extra money can be used for school projects or for fun activities like eating out, parties or going to the movies.

Tour The School

It’s always a good thing to arrive a few days before classes begin. Not only do you have time to acquainted with people, you also acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Most colleges and universities have very big campuses, and getting used to walking around it can be difficult.

Before the semester begins, tour the campus. Use a school map, or find an older student who’ll be willing to give you a tour. Be familiar with the buildings, the classrooms and facilities like the canteen, restrooms, clinic and library. If you do this, you won’t look very lost or out of place during the first day of classes.

Make Friends

Campus life is lonely without anyone to hang out with. Even if you’re busy studying, you must also have fun with some friends. Contact your roommates and dorm mates ahead of time, and make an effort to be friends with them. Looking up clubs and organizations you’re interested in can also help you meet people who likes the same things you do.
Another great idea is to log on to social networking sites, like Facebook and MySpace and connect with people from your university.

Get A Laptop

In this modern age, many professors always require students to have e-mail addresses, or complete online course tasks. Most of the schoolwork also have to be printed out or submitted through the Internet. To help you with this, get a reliable laptop. It’s useful and convenient, and will increase your productivity. A printer is also a good investment.

A Few More Tips

  • Arm yourself with a mobile phone. This will help you stay connected, not only with your schoolmates, but also with your family.
  • Get a copy of the campus rules and regulations, so you’ll be aware of the important school rules.
  • Know what your dorm’s rules and regulations are, too.
  • Always know where the nearest hospital, police station and fireman are. Carry around emergency numbers, if possible.

It’s hard being a newbie, but if you’re well-prepared, you can got through it like the cool freshman that you are.  Remember these tips, and have a great time at your new campus!

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