How to Open BIN Files

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How to Open BIN Files

A BIN file is a file format that you may encounter when you copy a DVD or CD to your PC or when you download a copy of a game form the Internet. It’s different from an executable file, so you might realize it won’t open or run the same way as other file formats. Don’t worry though, because there are methods how you can open a BIN file without much difficulty.

Using A Virtual Drive Software

You can download free software applications that let you mount BIN image files. Some examples are Nero and Power ISO. This procedure is for Power ISO.

What You’ll Need:

  • Power ISO application


  1. Download a Power ISO application from the Internet and install it on your PC. A Power ISO toolbar will be seen on the Start menu. Click it. If you can’t find that, go to the BIN file, then right-click it, hovering it over the Power ISO expanded menu.
  2. Pick “Set number of drives”, then choose one.
  3. Go to “My Computer”, and you’ll now see an additional drive. Right click it to expand the Power ISO menu. Afterwards, choose “Mount Image”.
  4. Find your BIN file, then mount it.
  5. You’ll now see a virtual drive on the mounted BIN file. Right click it to explore or double click it to auto run. You’ll now be able to view and use the contents.

Using A CUE File

Opening a BIN File is possible, if it has a CUE file. This is a listed set of instructions that work to burn the BIN image. Oftentimes, the CUE file is not available when you get the BIN file. Here’s how to create your own CUE file.

What You’ll Need

  • DVD/CD burning software
  • CD-R or DVD-R


  1. Open the folder where you can find the BIN file. Right click on a blank space, then select “New Text Document”. When the document opens, Click on “File” then choose “Save as”.
  2. When prompted, name your new document with the same filename your BIN file has, but with a CUE extension. Click “OK”. For example, your BIN is named games.bin. Your CUE file must be games.cue.
  3. In the new CUE file, Type “FILE “games.bin” BINARY”, then enter. Afterwards, type “TRACK 01 MODE1/2352″, then press enter once more. When you’re done, type “INDEX 01 00:00:00″.
  4. Go to the Toolbar, then select “File” and Save”. Close the document.
  5. Open your DVD/CD burning software, then browse the BIN file. Burn it to a recordable DVD or CD. You can now run the BIN file in your DVD or CD drive.
  6. Extract the contents of the BIN file using the burning program. The contents will now be saved as individual files on your hard drive. You can access and use them anytime you like.

BIN files can be a nuisance when they don’t open, but as long as you know the proper procedure, this won’t be a dilemma anymore. Just follow either of these two methods above.