How to Open a Bottle Without an Opener

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How to Open a Bottle Without an Opener

It’s a Friday night and the only thing that stands between a good time and a plethora of dull moments is a tiny jagged piece of metal. Without a bottle opener, sipping a load of cold beer comes as a problem, but all is not lost. There are still ways on how you can remove the bottle cap, even if you don’t have the designated drinking tool. Just be observant and you’ll realize that many objects can stand as makeshift openers.

When opening a crown cap, a bottle opener fits beneath the crown’s teeth, dislodging the cap with a decisive pull at the opener’s handle. You must find other items that can be fitted beneath the teeth, so you can consume your favorite bottled beverage. A multitude of unconventional items, such as a lighter, another unopened bottle or a tabletop, can be used in place of the bottle opener. Know all of them, so you won’t run out of options.

The Lighter

If you are pretty resourceful, you won’t view the lighter as simply a means to light cigarettes. You will see it as one of your initial options, when you go drinking without a bottle opener. The lighter’s flat surface can be hinged at the crown cap’s jagged bottom. You can pry the cap open with a tight grip at the bottle and a strong push at the hinged lighter.

What You Should Do:

  1. Clutch the bottleneck tightly, with your thumb propped at the top of the cap.
  2. Slide the lighter on top of your index finger and beneath the crown. Make sure that the lighter’s flat side is secure below the teeth.
  3. With the lighter acting as a lever, push it down swiftly and with much force. The cap will pop out of the bottle, as if you were using an actual bottle opener.

If the cap does not pop out at first, try adjusting the position of your hand holding the bottle. The lighter must be completely wedged between your index finger and the crown, for you to open the bottle. There are also bottles that are tightly sealed, so you may need to repeat the procedure two or three times before the cap is dislodged.


The tabletop, when used the right way, can remove bottle caps without damaging the bottle and your hand. Just position it properly on the top’s edge then you can smack the cap off with a strike from your open palm. Sounds painful? Don’t worry, the cap will pop out if you position the bottle and your hand properly.

What You Should Do:

  1. Position the bottle on the tabletop’s edge, with the teeth securely attached to the surface.
  2. Hold the bottle, as if you were about to drink its contents.
  3. Pull the bottle down with some force.
  4. With the bottle in position, strike the cap with the palm of your other hand. If done with enough force, you should be savoring the bottle’s contents the very next moment.

Remember, you should not strike the cap with too much force. You might end up chipping off portions of the bottle’s tip, which makes the beverage dangerous to drink. Ideally, the striking hand should be positioned right on top of the cap, so a single clean blow fixes things.

Another Capped Bottle

Look at the cap’s row of teeth and you’ll notice that there are spaces in between. So what do you think will fit in those spaces? Another row of crown cap teeth will, which means you can use another capped bottle to dislodge a crown cap.

What You Should Do:

  1. Turn one of the bottles upside down then wedge its crown at the bottom of the other bottle’s crown. Fit the teeth of the turned bottle onto the spaces between the standing bottle’s teeth.
  2. Hold the bottle neck firmly, with your index finger pushing both bottle caps together.
  3. Push the upside down bottle swiftly and with some force, dislodging the standing bottle’s cap in the process.

Be careful when pushing the upside down bottle. You might get hurt if its teeth graze your hand. Make sure that both bottles are securely fastened before dislodging the bottle cap.

A World Full of Bottle Openers

Aside from the three makeshift options mentioned, you can use other items like belt buckles, coin dispensers or a sturdy house key. Grasp the logic on how to remove a bottle cap and you will see that the world is practically filled with bottle openers waiting to be discovered.

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