How to Not Cry

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How to Not Cry

They say that crying is a great way to cleanse the heart and soul out of raw emotions, but there are many situations where crying is considered improper or impolite.  While it’s OK to be emotional every now and then, you can’t sob and cry out loud during an important gathering, like a meeting or if there are lots of people watching the movie.  Here are some ways for you to control your tears.

Hold It In

It’s easy to cry out, but holding tears and rapid breaths in can be difficult, especially for very emotional people.  The trick is to try and resist the impulses and physical reflexes that make up crying.  You have to be conscious, alert, and in control to hold back tears:

  • Breathing. Crying will force you to breathe in sobs or even hiccups.  When you feel the urge to cry, take a few slow, deep, steady breaths.  Don’t hold your breath in, because you may end up having difficulty or pain while breathing, which gives you a more painful reason to cry.
  • Blink. Holding back tears can get kind of tricky, especially if you tend to shed a lot of them.  If you feel that you’re about to cry, hold your head up (or tilt it back) and blink a few times to keep your tear ducts closed.

Channel Your Emotions

Crying has its physical manifestations, but it is almost often the emotions that trigger crying.  One way to keep yourself from crying so much is to take control of your feelings:

  • Translate the emotion. You may feel good after crying, but it is often not the best way to deal with many situations.  You may want to excuse yourself from the room and take the time to reflect on what you’re feeling, and if it’s proper for you to cry.  Pretty soon, you’ll end up not crying at all.
  • Bite your lip. Sometimes the best way to stop crying, or to keep yourself from crying, is to distract yourself with another emotion.  You don’t have to bite your lip to the point that you taste blood, but the temporary sensation of pain could be enough to keep you from breaking down into tears.

There’s nothing wrong with crying, but like every emotion, there’s always a right time, a right place, and a right situation to have your cry.  With these tips, you can control your emotions better and have your cry when the situation demands it.