How to Measure For Replacement Windows

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How to Measure For Replacement Windows

You could have any number of reasons for wanting to replace your windows. Windows that are older are often far less energy efficient than the newer vinyl windows. Then again, you may decide to remodel a room and require new windows to complete the new look..

Getting started

The most popular reason for replacing windows is to save money by saving energy for heating and cooling. Most utility companies offer rebates to people who install the new windows that are energy efficient.

Here are instructions on how to measure for replacement windows. It is not nearly as complicated a process as you might think.

replacement windowsIt is important to measure the window openings correctly, especially if you are getting vinyl replacements that are individually made to fit the measurements that you provide. The four elements you want to pay attention to when measuring your windows are height, width, level and square. If you are only looking for estimates for vinyl replacement windows, you only have to give the supplier the height and width dimensions. When measuring steel and aluminum windows, the process is a lot like that of measuring for vinyl. With these windows, the dimensions you will be looking for are the points that are those that are the farthest to the right and the farthest to the left. You will also want to find the point that is the lowest and the point that is the highest if you are only trying to get a quote for your new windows.

When measuring the height of the window, measure the window frame in three places: on its left side, its right side and in the middle. Use the smallest when getting your estimate and later to fit the new window to the frame.

When you measure the width, the same logic applies. Measure the width in three places on the window frame. Also measure the width at the top of the window frame, the middle and the bottom of the window frame. The dimension that you provide for your estimate will be whichever width is the smallest.

When giving the measurements for your windows to an estimator or when ordering them from the manufacturer, always provide the dimensions with the width written first and the height written second. Otherwise, you will get windows that absolutely will not fit.

Replacing your home’s windows is a great way to save money and to give your home a fresh, new look. New windows will help you save on heating and cooling costs and the utility company will probably even give you a rebate for choosing energy efficient windows to replace your old windows.

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