How to Match Clothes

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How to Match Clothes

Tired of always needing to buy new clothes? Having a good sense of style doesn’t only mean having all the the latest fashion wears. Express your style and creativity without spending too much. Mixing and matching clothes is one way of getting the most out of your wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to match clothes.

Advantages of Mix Matching:

  • Mix matching gives you the chance to wear different looks even with a small wardrobe.
  • It releases you from worries of wearing the same clothes and style over and over.
  • Matching clothes improves your creativity and style.


  1. Stock up on the basics. black tees, white tops, and blazers in neutral colors can be matched with different items. Make sure you have enough of the basics with you.
  2. matching clothes

  3. Aside from black and white, navy blue and brown can easily be paired with numerous clothing and styles.
  4. It’s ideal to have more tops than bottoms as tops are more noticeable. Not everyone would notice that you’ve worn the same jeans for a few times this week, but everyone will notice that you’ve worn the same blouse twice in a week.
  5. Evaluate your lifestyle. Do you need more formal outfits?
  6. Have clothes that you can wear both on formal and casual occasions. A simple black dress paired with a blazer is a good office attire. Remove the blazer, add some accessories and you’re ready for your evening date.
  7. Prints are paired with plains. Unless you can carry the look, prints are never worn with prints. They create a disorganized look even if you have matching colors. Match a printed skirt with a plain tee or a plain blouse with a styled up pair of jeans.
  8. Accessorize. Add more style to your outfit by wearing accessories. Make sure that your items don’t class with your outfit. Follow the rule of wearing 5 accessories per outfit. A pair of earrings counts as 2 and your wristwatch is also part of your accessories. This leaves you with 2 more accessories to wear.


  • Neutral colors can easily be matched with any colors.
  • Spring and summer colors give life to your whites.
  • Red should be paired with dark colors. Be careful when matching red with green, blue and yellow.
  • Yellow is a bright color that may be hard to match. This color always look good when paired with black. Avoid matching yellow with dark shades of green and orange. These colors will make yellow even more brighter.
  • Blue looks good on white and darker colors. Don’t pair blue with bright shades. You can pair lighter shades of green and violet with darker shades of blue.
  • Matching green depends on the shades you choose. Pairing green with violet and orange might be a bit risky.


  • When color matching, always consider the lightness and darkness of the color. Choosing the right shade will help you get away, even with the most daring combination.
  • Don’t over mix. Be cautious of the number of colors you use in one outfit. 2 to 3 color combination should be enough.
  • You can also create different looks with your dresses through the accessories you wear.
  • A scarf can also change the look of an outfit.
  • Don’t forget to wear the right shoes. A nice outfit would totally be ruined by choosing a wrong pair of shoes.

Mix matching is a fun way of creating different looks even with a limited wardrobe. There’s no need for you to have tons of clothes to be fashionable. Practice matching clothes and let the fashionable you strut your stuff.

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