How to Make Yourself Cry

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How to Make Yourself Cry

Crying at the drop of a hat is a special skill not a lot of people have. When used sparingly and in emergency situations, crying at will can be very effective. Otherwise, you’d just get the reputation of one shedding crocodile tears. Whether you’re preparing for an acting workshop or you have to get yourself out of a bit of a trouble, here’s how to make yourself cry.

Don’t Blink

Sit in front of a mirror and will yourself not to blink. Eventually, the dryness of your eyes will induce your tear ducts to be working in overtime. In addition to this, you’ll feel a stuffy feeling in the area where your forehead and the bridge of your nose meet. Concentrate on that stuffy feeling and don’t blink! When you feel the moisture collecting in the corners of your eyes, you can experiment blinking one eye. If you have enough moisture collected, a tear will fall.

Yawn With Eyes Open

Another version of the first method, try yawning two times without blinking your eyes. This will induce tears to come out of your eyes. You can make a more subtle version of doing this by stretching your mouth for a little bit and covering your mouth with your hand for the second yawn.

Induce Sadness

crying aloneThink of the saddest thing that’s happened in your life. It could be a breakup, a death of a beloved pet, or the divorce of your parents, anything that really made you sad. Transport yourself in the moment when these sad events happened. Commit yourself to transporting yourself to that moment. Breathe evenly, and soon enough, tears will fall.

If nothing of the sort in your life has happened yet, think of sad movies. Play a song that makes you feel the saddest. Later on you can just remember the movie or the song to help you get into the mood for crying.

Put Something in Your Eyes

Using eyedrops or using sliced onions are two time-tested ways of inducing tears, but not very effective when you need to cry for a certain situation. This method will really arouse suspicions of what’s really causing your tears, unless your sleight of hand can challenge Houdini’s.

Minor Pain

Put yourself in a bit of minor pain to induce crying. Tweezing a few hairs from your eyebrows or your nostril can be pretty painful, and can induce crying. However, like the method mentioned earlier, this is hard to carry out especially in on-the-spot situations.

Never hurt yourself by cutting or bruising yourself. This is definitely counterproductive and not worth for a few tears.



  1. regina said,

    on June 18th, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Pulling nose hair might not be a good idea because it often causes one to sneeze uncontrolably… that might be a little odd…

  2. JO said,

    on June 6th, 2009 at 3:11 am

    Sad movies always make me cry :( . But then I’m a bit of a cry baby lol.