How to Make Stink Bombs

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How to Make Stink Bombs

The stink bomb is a venerable rite of passage for kids who want to make memorable pranks. While buying a stink bomb from a novelty store is fine for pranks, there’s nothing like a homemade stink bomb to stink up a room or a hallway. Here are some stink bomb recipes that you can try for your next school prank.

Safety Precautions

Here are some safety reminders when you use a stink bomb:

  • Do not throw a powerful stink bomb in a tight, confined space.
  • Never set off stink bombs in places equipped with smoke alarms.
  • Don’t use a stink bomb directly on a person. You can rashes or burns.
  • Be careful where you throw your stink bombs, especially if you’ll set them alight. Stink bombs may pose to be fire hazards if they’re thrown on paper stacks, near curtains, or wooden furniture.

Burning Hair Bomb

Few things in the world smell worse than burning hair. A burning hair bomb is a very simple stink bomb you can make on the fly with the following ingredients:

    stink bombs

  • A wad of hair (human hair or animal hair will do fine).
  • Rubber bands
  • Newspaper
  • Safety matches or a lighter

Making a burning hair bomb is as simple as wrapping the wad of hair with rubber bands, wrapping the wad in newspaper, and setting it on fire. The smell of burning rubber, coupled with the stinky odor of hair set on fire, is enough to send people running out for fresh air.

Egg Bomb

Like fine wine, stink bombs only get better – and stinkier – with age. The old reliable stink bomb made from an egg is deceptively simple, but can make your “victims” holler and gasp for fresh air in seconds. Egg bombs release a powerful gas called hydrogen sulfide, which is the same substance that makes farts smell so bad. Here’s how you can make an egg bomb:

  • Fresh eggs work best for stink bombs, although you can also use hard-boiled eggs.
  • Pierce a very small hole on the shell of the egg with a needle or a toothpick. Be careful not to shatter the egg.
  • Wrap the egg in aluminum foil and allow it to cure under the sun for as long as you like. The longer you let it cure, the stinkier it will get.

Once the egg bomb is prepared and ready, you can throw it into a room and watch as everybody wonders where that powerful fart came from, and if someone had a lunch of pickled eggs and sauerkraut.

Before making a stink bomb, you should be aware of the consequences of pranks. Teachers, students, and the school administration don’t have a problem with the occasional prank, but may need to correct and reprimand you if your pranks step way over the line. The smell of a stink bomb has a lingering odor that can be very difficult to clean up, and make other people sick. It’s OK to experiment with stink bombs, but you should be prepared for the consequences of using one.



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