How to Make Plexiglas Windows for Deer Stands

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How to Make Plexiglas Windows for Deer Stands


Deer stands are used by seasoned or amateur hunters to hunt deer and other wildlife in a safe, protected, and comfortable environment. These stands are lined with carpets and shelves and all other modern conveniences to make the hunting experience comfortable. Plexiglas windows are a good option for deer stands as they allow the hunters or wildlife viewers a good view of the animal, without disturbing them or making their presence known.

Materials Required

  • Plexiglas
  • Sliding aluminum window frames

Tools Required

  • Safety glasses
  • Measure tape
  • Nails, screwdriver, and drill
  • Paint/brush (optional)


Difficulty Level – Easy

Step One: Determining the Window Size

It is best to go in for a Plexiglas window if you are thinking of building a deer stand. However, you can also fit a pre-existing deer stand with Plexiglas windows, though you have to be a bit more careful about how you go about it. It is best to have a Plexiglas window on all four sides of the deer stand. Start out by determining the size of the windows. This is important because you can then get the Plexiglas cut to measure instead of buying a sheet and cutting it all by yourself, which is tricky.

Step Two: Starting Out

Start out by measuring the required size of the windows and sawing that area on the deer stand. It is best to have the windows at eye level. So, decide whether you are going to stand and keep watch or whether you would like to be sitting. Once that is decided, it will be relatively easy to determine at what level you should be sawing the stand.

Step Three: Fixing the Aluminum Frames

Once you have sawed off the area where the windows will be fixed, you are ready to install the aluminum frames. If you are using wooden frames instead, it is best to fix the Plexiglas onto it beforehand. However, aluminum frames are recommended so you can slide open the window as required, when hunting. Fix the aluminum frames on all sides, using a drill and nails, and keep an area open to slide in the Plexiglas.

Step Four: Final Assembly

Once the aluminum frames have been fitted, slide the Plexiglas in place. Check that it slides open and closes smoothly and noiselessly. You do not want to scare away the wildlife when you are out hunting! Next, take the open end of the aluminum frames and complete the window fitting by fixing the final ends together. The Plexiglas window for your deer stand is ready.


  • Paint the area of the completed deer stand that was sawed off to make space for the window.
  • Make sure you are not cutting the Plexiglas to size yourself. Unless you are a professional, you are sure to mess up as cutting Plexiglas is a delicate job.
  • Use aluminum frames in place of wooden frames as they are weather resistant and last very long.