How To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

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How To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

Don’t you just hate it when you manage to apply a perfectly good coat of nail polish only to have it smudged, minutes after you put it on? You have to reapply it all over again, which is just so annoying and time-consuming. Despite its supposedly quick-drying characteristic, nail polish sometimes doesn’t dry as quickly as it should. If this is one beauty dilemma that always troubles you, don’t fret: there are ways how to make nail polish dry faster.

A Light Coating Does The Trick

When you apply nail polish, you usually need two coatings to even out the color. Oftentimes, women apply layers that are just too thick, causing them to dry out longer. To solve this, try to apply thin, but even coatings. Remove excessive polish from the brush, by brushing it lightly over the top of the bottle, before putting it straight on your nails. When you successfully apply thin, even polish coats, it’ll become dry sooner than you expect.

Opt For Quick-Drying Clear Polish

When you’ve already applied the colored polish, you need to add extra shine to it, by putting on clear polish. The problem is, this adds to the amount of coats on your nail, adding more drying time. To solve this dilemma, apply a top coat using a quick-drying clear polish. You can get these from drug stores and beauty supply shops. Pick a brand that suits your personal preferences. Quick-drying clear polish contains mineral oil and hardens fast, protecting your nails from smudges.

Spray On Some Fast-Drying Nail Spray

Another useful product that can dry nails without any trouble is the fast-drying nail spray. These are aerosol-like sprays that work to speed up the polish’s drying process. Just hold the spray 12 inches from your nails, and spray lightly. Like Quick-drying clear polish, fast drying nail spray can be found in beauty stores or drug stores. They only cost about a dollar, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on them.

The Fan Method

If you’ve got an electric or battery-operated fan nearby, your nail polish dilemma is already solved. Just point your nails in front of the fan, allowing the cool air to blow on it. Wait until the coatings harden. This might take longer than the other tactics, though.

Blow dry

Aside from drying your hair, a blow dryer can actually be very useful for solving your nail polish dilemma. Just plug it in, point it onto your nails, and wait until the polish hardens. When using a blow dryer, though, make sure to use only the coolest setting. It works better, and is safer for your nails. Be careful when holding the blow dryer too, or your nails might get smudged.

Try The Ice Water Technique

This might seem weird, but water can help your nail polish dry quickly. A lot of women are afraid to try this, thinking it’ll only wash away or created dents in their perfect coatings, but it actually does wonders. It’s easy to do, too. Just let your nails run under some cold tap water for a few minutes. This will waste a lot of water, though, so another option is to get a bowl of ice cold water and dip your finger in it for a few moments. In time, the polish will harden.

Another important reminder: don’t move around too much after you’ve applied a fresh coat of polish over your nails. Don’t touch anything. Otherwise, you’ll find them ruined quickly. Relax and sit back. If you don’t have the luxury to do this, though, just try the solutions above, and your polish will dry quicker than you think.