How to Make Fairy Wings

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How to Make Fairy Wings


Fairy wings are beautiful, easy-to-make items that just about anyone can create with the items they already have lying around the house. There is no better way to dress up in a fairy costume for holidays, birthdays, Halloween, or spring celebrations than with a beautiful pair of fairy wings. These fantastic little fashion accessories are perfect for all kinds of uses and can even make great gifts for the little ones as well.


Before you begin to assemble your pair of fairy wings, you should assemble all of the items that you will need. The most important materials include steel wire (in either 16 gauge or 14 gauge) which will be used to make the actual structure of the wings, and large size pantyhose that you will use to stretch over the wire to create the look of the wings. Other materials that will be necessary during construction are pliers, scissors, wire cutters, duct tape, safety pins, magic markers, and a needle and thread.

Good Practice for Fairy Wing Construction

Once you have assembled all of the items that you will need, you can start making your own set of fairy wings. Start by cutting the wire to a length between six and nine feet. It is important to remember the two key rules of fairy wing construction at this point: do not make your wings too large or you will risk them getting caught on items around you, and make sure that your wings are not too heavy. Having large wings or heavy wings can lead to injury at some point of time, so keep the wings small and light.

Shaping the Wire

After your wire has been cut, shape it into a figure eight style shape. Make sure that both loops are exactly the same size. When you are satisfied, wrap a few inches of duct tape around the center section in order to secure the wings together. Cut off any excess wire that may be poking out at the bottom of the wings. Test the strength of the wings by tugging on the edges. If necessary, add more duct tape to the center of the wings.

Creating the Wing

fairy wingsNow grab your scissors and start cutting the pantyhose. The best kind of pantyhose for fairy wings are the shiny or iridescent kind, as they look more fairy-like – but any pantyhose will work. Cut off the legs of the pantyhose where they connect with the main groin part. Set the groin section aside. Stretch one leg over each side of the figure eight you made earlier and pull it until it is tightly stretched around the loop. Use your safety pins to temporarily secure each pantyhose. Bend the wire into a wing shape much like a butterfly’s wing looks. Stretch the pantyhose again until it is very tight and secure it again with a safety pin. Sew the pantyhose with the needle and thread once you are satisfied with the look.


When the wing looks how you want it to, you can decorate it in whatever way you like. Use magic markers to color them as you please. You can even add all kinds of embellishment to the wings with beads, glitter, and feathers.

Creating the Tank Top and Vest

Once you’ve got your wings looking beautiful you will need to create a way to tie them on your back. Take the groin section from the pantyhose you set aside earlier and cut out the crotch area to create a tank top. Alternatively, you can take the tank top and turn it into a vest by cutting the pantyhose down the front – a perfect option for larger children and adults.

Attaching the Wings to the Vest

Finally, you will need to attach the tank top or vest to your wings. Take out the needle and thread you used earlier. Make sure that you use a lot of stitches, as you want to make sure they are totally secure.