How to Make a Christmas Village

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How to Make a Christmas Village

A miniature Christmas village is a lovely addition to your home during the holiday season. It’s cute, traditional, and a reminder of how beautiful Christmas can be. While it may look expensive and difficult to make, it’s actually not. You can make a basic Christmas village and build upon it from there. Here’s how.


  • Styrofoam
  • Superglue
  • Gesso
  • Boxes of different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Old CDs
  • Other art materials you may need

Setting The Foundation

The base of your Christmas village can be an illustration board or a huge piece of styrofoam. You can also use both and completely stick the styrofoam board to the illustration board for a more solid Christmas village “ground”. You can buy these items from your nearest hobby store.

For a really solid base that you can use again, however, try a sheet of pressed wood. If you’re planning to use Christmas lights, make sure that you make holes in the wood where the wires can pass through. You also have the option of cutting the board in half and installing hinges to connect them together, making it possible for the board to fold and be easier to store away.

Using a pencil, chalk or magic marker, make a rough draft or blueprint of your Christmas village’s layout. Plot houses, roads, lamps, trees and ponds so you will have a clearer image on what your Christmas village will look like.

From a separate piece of styrofoam, cut out rectangle, square or circle shapes, all of which you can pile up to make irregular features on your landscape. You can make hills and make your houses look more interesting this way.

Making Major Features

A Christmas village is not complete without a snowy landscape. To achieve this effect, you can either use felt paper or a generous amount of Gesso. Felt paper will have to be replaced the next year, while you’re going to be stuck with how the Gesso is poured until you make another Christmas village.

Make sure your stacks of styrofoam are securely glued against each other and your base before laying down the cover of snow. If you’re using Gesso, make sure that all the holes you made in the base for electrical wiring are covered to prevent it from seeping through.

For the houses and other infrastructures in your Christmas village, you can either buy pre-made houses or make ones of your own from empty boxes or assembled styrofoam shapes. Stick the pieces together using superglue. Don’t use a glue gun as this can cause some materials to melt. Paint over the houses and design them any way you like. You can also use other common household items such as wine corks for chimneys, glitter or confetti as snowflakes and shine, as well as doilies for snow patterns.

Use old CDs as frozen ponds where skaters can be found. You can also use aluminum foil for this purpose. Use small pieces of styrofoam as snowflakes, or you can use spray-on snow to lightly coat all the pieces in the village.

Install Christmas lights inside select houses and if you can, maybe you can even install individual tiny bulbs inside the lampposts. When installing the lights, take all safety precautions and make sure all your surfaces are dry.

There are a lot of pre-made Christmas village houses, shops and figurines that are available in your nearest arts and crafts store, especially during Christmastime. You can usually strike up a good bargain, and with a steady hand and an eye to detail, you too can have your own Christmas village that will look like it’s professionally done in no time.