How to Make Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

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How to Make Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is here again, and everything from the prices of flowers, chocolates and anything remotely romantic has appeared on store shelves everywhere. If you happen to be one of those people who doesn’t have money to lavish on your loved one on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry; without resorting to Valentine e-cards, there are many great alternatives that won’t cost you as much, and will just be as special. Here are some suggestions.

Make Your Own Bouquet

Loose flowers are much cheaper than their bunched-up counterparts. If you have no idea how to make a flower arrangement, there are a lot of useful videos online that can show you. The day before Valentine’s, go to your nearest flower market and choose your loved one’s favorite flowers. Or, you can pick flowers from your own garden or wildflowers from a field. You can simply bunch them together in an artistic way with a pretty ribbon or put them in a simple vase. Write a long, thoughtful letter to go along with it. Your efforts will be much more appreciated than the usual and impersonal flowers in shops.

Valentine Candy Basket

Like flowers, prices of candy are sure to go up during Valentine season. Instead of going for the usual expensive chocolates, why not go for the candies he or she used to love as a kid? You can also make a selective collection of candies, like purely red M&Ms or a selection of jelly beans only in his or her favorite flavors. The personalized touch will make the gift sweeter.


Make copies of your favorite pictures together and put them all in a scrapbook. Make little notes and decorations to make the scrapbook look even more beautiful. If you find professionally-made blank scrapbooks and other bric-a-brac expensive, you can spruce up an old notebook with some wrapping paper and use other objects like buttons and cutouts for decorations. For an even cheaper alternative, there are also digital scrapbooks online that you can look at anywhere you are.

Personalized Spa Treatment

Aromatherapy candles, rose petals, massage oil, lotion, and a face and body scrub are the key elements to having your home spa. Surprise your loved one with a personalized spa treatment right in your own home and make them feel like royalty for a day. Make sure you’ve learned how to massage properly before the big day!

Pass Cards

Sometimes, the best things in life are free. Present your partner with a book full of “Pass Cards” – cards that pledge you to do certain things whenever your partner gives a card to you. A card can ensure your partner that you will do the dishes, sweep the floor, go out to dinner with his or her parents or even dance a jig whenever they wish. Just be sure that you will be willing to do everything you put in your Pass Card, and it will certainly be one of your best gifts ever.

Spend the Day With Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about romance, but with Valentine’s Day traffic, purchases and dinner reservations, it can be a hassle. Instead of the usual Valentine’s Day dinner, why not get ahead of everyone by spending the whole day with your partner? Start early with a nice stroll in the park with a picnic basket you made yourself. Catch a romantic movie and have a home-cooked romantic dinner, where you can end the day by snuggling with each other. Rent his or her favorite movies and enjoy the night.

Bake a Cake

Whether or not you’re good at baking, Valentine’s Day is the best way to start experimenting. Using the cake flavor preference of your loved one, you can embark on a baking journey by finding the simplest (or more complicated ones for experienced bakers) recipe that you can. From the cake to the icing and flowers, the experiment may prove to have delicious (and even funny) results.

Collection of Favorite Songs

With the technology we have at hand, it’s easier now to make more extensive playlists of the songs we love. Make a compilation of her favorite love songs and present it to her on a CD or in a digital form on Valentine’s Day.