How to Make an Orchard

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How to Make an Orchard

You own a piece of land that you want to put to good use. Why not make a backyard orchard? Here are some steps and tips to guide you in making one.

Things you will need:

  • A space big enough to plant trees
  • Trees
  • wire
  • soil


  1. Choose a good location. Make sure that you have enough space to let your trees grow. A suitable area should have adequate sunlight and a rich soil. Air is also important. Molds and fungus may grow if there is not enough air movement while strong winds will give you poor fruits at harvest time.
  2. Decide on the type of tree you want to have. You can’t just plant any tree. Climate plays a vital role in choosing the kind of tree that you can plant. There are those that grow well in tropical areas,like orange, lemon, papaya and fig trees.
  3. Plant your trees.
    • Set your trees far apart from each other and give their branches room to spread out. How you position your trees affects their health and fruit production. Placing them close to each other will easily spread infection and diseases.
    • Create a hole about a foot and a half deep. This would be enough to bury the roots in soil.
    • Don’t forget to extend the roots from the root ball if you’re not planting a bare root. A root ball is composed of the roots and soil attached to them when you remove a sapling from a container.
    • Set the tree into the hole. Cover the roots with adequate soil.
  4. Take care of your tree.
    • A tree needs plenty of water especially when it’s young.
    • Protect your trees.
    • Build a fence around your tree.
    • Secure your tree to a stake. Make sure not to tighten the rope too much. This will prevent your tree from swaying and toppling when there is strong wind.
    • Cut grass. Don’t allow grass to grow long enough that it competes with the roots of the tree. This is also a good place where fungus may start to appear.
  5. Guard you orchard.
    • Keep animals, like hares and sheep, away.
    • Build a fence around your orchard and a tree guard for each tree. Tall staking is done by creating a tall stake and fixing a wire mesh to the stake.

What you need to know:

  • Trees have a dormant stage. This is the time when your trees don’t produce any fruit. A dormant period usually happens during winter.
  • When you buy trees with bare roots, be sure to plant them immediately.
  • Be careful in using fertilizer. It’s not really necessary to use any and it may affect the tree’s production.
  • Learn to wait. It usually takes a few years for trees to bear fruits.
  • Spring is the best season to plant a tree.
  • Maintaining an orchard means altering the environment so your trees grow and bear fruits properly. Be diligent in taking care of your trees and keeping them healthy.

Having an orchard is a long-term commitment. Be patient and love your orchard like you would your family. Just like anyone else, it also needs tender loving care.