How to Make a Renaissance Costume

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How to Make a Renaissance Costume

The Renaissance era was an era of rebirth, a cultural movement that spread over Europe in a span of roughly 300 years. It marked the era of learning from classical sources and educational reform. It was also the time of Michaelangelo, Da Vinci and many more historical figures in between. It’s no wonder there are so many Renaissance fairs and costume parties that celebrate this epic era. Here’s how to join in by making a Renaissance costume.

No Sewing Required

You can actually pull off a pretty convincing Renaissance costume without having to sew anything. Just dig deep into your closet and keep an eye out in shops and flea markets! Here are some tips.

    renaissance costume

  1. Decide on what kind of Renaissance character you want to be. Do you want to be the barmaid wench? A knight? A lady? A member of the nobility? Having a specific character in mind will help make for a more accurate costume.
  2. Study old Renaissance paintings to get a better idea of the Renaissance costume. Focusing on a specific place and a specific year also helps.
  3. You can buy pre-made Renaissance costumes online. Make sure that they carry your size before ordering them.
  4. For girls, keep an eye out for poet shirts, long peasant skirts, peasant blouses and lace-up vests. These are pretty popular these days, so you should have no problem finding at least one of these in shops or boutiques.
  5. For boys, look for vests, poet shirts, pirate shirts and loose but comfortable trousers. Halloween costumes provide these in abundance, so keep an eye out for those.
  6. When shopping for clothes, favor natural fabrics over synthetic ones. Go for rich, earthy colors or jewel tones.

Sewing a Costume

Should you want something that really fits you and goes along with your own personal style, sewing a costume would be the best. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Look for a costume template online. Adjust the measurements so that the costume will fit your perfectly.
  2. Draw and cut out the costume patterns on testing fabric, to see how the pieces will fit together. Make the necessary adjustments.
  3. For girls, remember that one of the most defining features of a typical Renaissance dress are the fitted long sleeves, the bodice, and the lace-up in front of the bodice.
  4. Look for appropriate accessories to go along with your costume. Sometimes, the costume itself doesn’t have to be so ornate. Having the right accessories to go along with it can make all the difference.

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