How to Make a Potato Clock

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How to Make a Potato Clock

Potatoes are a mainstay in our dinner plates and snacks, but do you know they have other hidden surprises too? Make a clock run just by using two potatoes using these steps. It’s worthy of a science project!


  • Two large baking potatoes
  • Two drywall nails
  • 3 jumper wire with alligator clips at the end
  • Two galvanized nails
  • LED clock that functions on one-volt or two-volt battery


  1. Open the LED clock and take out its batteries, if it has any.
  2. potato clock

  3. Take note where the positive (+) and negative (-) terminal points are installed in the battery ports.
  4. Identify the two potatoes are potato one and potato two. You can even make a separate label if you wish.
  5. Take one galvanized nail and insert it partway into the potato. It’s important for the nail to be galvanized as its zinc coating is needed to make the clock work.
  6. Insert one drywall nail in each potato, making sure that it’s far away from the galvanized nail as possible. The two different nails should not touch, or else the clock wouldn’t work.
  7. Take one short piece of heavy copper wire and insert in each potato. Make sure that each wire is placed as far as possible from the galvanized nail.
  8. Take the first jumper wire and connect it to potato one’s copper nail. Use the alligator clip to connect to the positive terminal of the clock’s battery dock.
  9. Take the second jumper to connect to potato two’s galvanized nail. Use the alligator clip to connect to the negative terminal of the clock’s battery dock.
  10. Take the third jumper wire and connect it so that it runs from potato one’s galvanized nail to potato two’s copper nail.
  11. The clock should now be running on potatoes! If not, check the connections again if they’re attached properly. There should be no literal loose ends in this science project.



  1. Jeff said,

    on November 16th, 2011 at 7:33 am

    Very interesting stuff

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