How to Make a Concrete Curb

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How to Make a Concrete Curb

If you want your yard to have long-lasting and high-quality borders, what you can do is install concrete curbing to it. It’s not a very difficult project, since there are already curb-extending machines that can help you out. Still, you need to know what steps to take before you can get a neat look. Here’s what to do.

What You’ll Need:

  • Concrete (ready-mix type)
  • Hand tamper
  • Shovel
  • Concrete pigment
  • Expansion joints
  • Concrete curb extending machine
  • Water


  1. Purchase the supplies you need for the curb. The concrete, expansion joints and the pigment are available at hardware stores. As for the shovel and hand tamper, it’s likely that you or your neighbor have this in your home already. If not, find a rental shop that will allow you to borrow these tools. Ask the rental shop if they also have a curb-extending machine that you can use. It’s cheaper and more practical than buying one.
  2. Mark a path on the ground that your curbing will follow. Using the shovel, dig out two inches deep from this area, and ten inches wide.
  3. After you’ve dug out the soil, compact the area in the trench you made using a hand tamper.
  4. Mix your concrete. Make sure you follow the instructions specified, so you’ll get the right consistency. If you want to add a certain color to the concrete, get the pigment powder or liquid pigment, then put it in the mix. Check the manufacturer’s instructions, so you’ll know how much to add. The more pigment, the darker the shade.
  5. Set up your curb-extending machine in the trench , then put concrete in it. This will help form the curbing. For every three feet in the curb, insert expansion joints. This will help avoid cracking and damage.
  6. Wait for the concrete to cure and harden, then set it properly. You should keep the curb damp for at least five to seven days, so it will cure to the maximum strength. Spray it with water.

When built properly, a concrete curb will look great on your outdoor area. Follow these tips and you’ll surely get this done in no time.