How to Know If You’re Pregnant

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How to Know If You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is wonderful, but strangely enough, most women don’t realize they’re expecting until the fetus is already a few weeks or a few months old. If you feel that your body is changing, observe yourself: it’s likely you have a baby growing inside you. Here are some common signs that you’re pregnant.

You Miss A Period

While many women think this is due to a hormone imbalance or stress, it’s almost always the first sign that lets them know they’re pregnant. The menstrual cycle of pregnant women stops the moment they conceive. If you know when your period comes every month, and you skip it, it might be time to take a pregnancy test.

Some women get very light bleeding or “spotting” even when they’re pregnant. This is implantation bleeding, caused by the embryo when it embeds itself in the uterine wall.

You Feel Nauseous

If you always feel like vomiting, it might be because you’re pregnant. This is called morning sickness, and occurs as early as three to five weeks after conception. Some lucky women skip this, though. Sometimes, nausea can also occur because of a certain sickness, so double check first.

Your Breasts Change

pregnancySome women feel their breasts becoming tender a few days before their period comes, because of hormone changes. It’s the same thing when you’re pregnant. The breasts become painful, tender to the touch, and swollen. The nipples become also very tender, especially during the early days of their pregnancy.

Take note also of how your areolas-the skin around the nipples-look like. If they become darker than how they used to be, it’s likely that you’re pregnant.

Your Body “Swells”

Even during the early days of their pregnancy, some women already feel full or bloated, such as before their period begins. Your stomach can also become slightly bigger, so your pants might feel a bit tighter than usual.

Some women also claim that they feel a bit “ripe” when they conceive, as if they’re a thick and juicy peach. They also say they feel safe and calm. This feeling is very subtle though, and might just be in your head.

You Have Cravings

Is there a certain food or foods that you always feel like eating? A lot of women get food cravings throughout their pregnancy, especially during the first few months. Usually, the cravings are those that you don’t normally think of. They also vary, from fruits, to meat, to unique cuisines. Your cravings can also change very abruptly.

You Don’t Like Some Smells

At the same time you’re experiencing cravings, you also become revolted by certain food and smells. Strong scents, such as garlic and onion, becomes very unpleasant to you. You also notice these smells more, because your senses become heightened.

Aversion towards certain food and smells aren’t the only things that might disgust you, but also certain sights and images. For example, war and horror movies become disturbing, and makes you feel emotional and sad.

You Become Moody And Tired Frequently

A lot of pregnant women feel over-fatigued, even if they only got out of bed a few hours ago. This is due to the high hormone levels that make you feel drained. If you always need to take naps, then you might be expecting. Headache is also very common, because of the increased blood volume.

When you feel overly-fatigued, you also become extremely cranky and moody. It’s just like when you’re having hormone changes during PMS.

Your Basal Body Temperature Stays High

Some women keep track of their basal body temperature, so they’ll know when they are fertile during their menstrual cycle. Basal body temperature drops down though, so if it stays high and you continuously get more than 18 high temperatures, it’s a good sign that you’re pregnant.

The Pregnancy Test Shows Two Lines

Taking a pregnancy test is the best way to know if you’re pregnancy. You can easily buy one from a store, and it’s not very expensive. Just get your urine sample, then wait for the results. It’ll only take a few minutes.

These tips will help you determine early if you’re pregnant. If you experience most of them, then congratulations, you’re going to be a mommy!