How to Install a Garage Door

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How to Install a Garage Door

If you intend to purchase a sectional garage door, you need to ask around for the most common problems that surface after sectional garage doors are installed. You will learn that all the fundamental parts of your sectional garage door should be properly functioning. This means the ball bearings of your sectional garage door’s rollers should be well greased in order to smoothly run through the tracks that come bundled with sectional garage doors.

However, you need to consult a professional if you want to purchase and subsequently install garage doors with built-in torsion springs. This is because identifying the difference between springs intended to be an extension or torsion may be quite difficult for inexperienced people like you. Moreover, installing garage doors with torsion springs can become a daunting task for such newbies.

Otherwise, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before installing the sectional garage door of your choice. This is true even for people with intermediate skills when it comes to the installation of such garage door types and other household equipment. Afterwards, follow these simple instructions:

  • You can start by putting in the weather stripping. Place this on the lower or bottom part of your first panel.
  • Set the panel into the doorway. Drive in some nails halfway to hold it in place. Place the nails on every jamb. This should be done at an angle. Make sure they fasten the door in place. .
  • Hinges should already be connected. They are affixed on the upper edge of your door. Check the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the steps indicated. This will instruct ways to assemble parts and pieces. Place this on the curved, horizontal and vertical tracks. .
  • Set up rollers into parts of the second section. Ask help on lifting, setting in place and slipping the rollers into the vertical tracks. The vertical tracks are located on both sides of the garage doorway.
  • Fasten the first section to the second section. This will connect both sections. Use the power drill to do this faster. It is also more convenient to use a power drill with a screwdriver tip. .
  • Set up the third section using the same steps above. Make sure the door is on ground level. The vertical track should be aligned. .
  • Secure the upper plates of the two vertical tracks into the wall. Ensure that the lag screws are fastened. They should penetrate the framing parts. .
  • The garage door will cause a considerable amount of force. This happens as it goes into its upward or downward motion. This is normal. .
  • The next step is to affix the jamb brackets to the two tracks. Secure them to the framing parts. Double check if the lag screws are properly attached to the sound framing. Do not tighten the lag screws too much. This is because you may still need to adjust and move the tracks later on. .
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  • Place the curved tracks with the horizontal tracks. Position the curved track onto the top roller. Fasten these together. Use a ladder to rest the horizontal track. .
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  • Cut the end of the track hanger to a measurement. This is good enough for bracing the track. .
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  • Screw and fasten the track hanger to a stable framing. Secure it at the ceiling joist. Lightly mount and attach the track onto the hanger. Repeat the step on the other horizontal track. .
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  • You can now set in the last garage door section in place. Remove all the temporary nails placed beforehand. .
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  • Your door is ready for use if it has lift assistance with a torque tube. You need to install a torque tube if it doesn’t have one. Install it by following the steps in the manufacturer’s guide. .
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    Make sure the tracks are aligned. Check by rolling up the garage door to about four feet. Do the necessary adjustments. The finishing touch would be to tighten all the lag screws and fasteners. .

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