How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

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How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

Installing a steel door and frame for safety is a good project to consider. The door and frame often come as a set, making the process easier. After the project is complete you will be able to rest comfortably knowing that you are safe from intruders or a fire.

Required Materials

  • Steel door & frame kit
  • Metal studs
  • 1 1/2” screws
  • 2″ screws
  • Screw driver
  • Wall board
  • Wall board tape
  • Plaster skim coating
  • Shims

Required Tools

  • Pry bar
  • Drill with bit set
  • Coping saw
  • 8p nails
  • Hammer

Step One: Remove Existing Door, Frame and Molding

  • Begin the process by removing the molding of the existing door. Place a pry bar between the existing wall and molding at the top and gently pull the molding away from the wall until loose. Repeat at the bottom of the molding and again in the middle.

    Repeat the process until the molding is removed. Repeat around the existing doorway. Push hinge pins out of the hinge and remove the door. Unscrew hinges and remove. If the door jam frame is screwed in place, turn drill to reverse and back the screws out. Remove jams, sill and frame.

    Step Two: Wall Framing

    If the wall you are working with is structural make sure it is supported with two nailed together 2×4″ stock inside the wall. Remove the two studs on either side of the new door frame opening and replace with metal studs. Screw directly into existing sill and header wall framing with 1 ½” screws. Add blocking where necessary to support the door system.

    Step Three: Placing the Door

    With the aid of a helper, place the bottom of the door into the door opening and tilt up into place. Use shims to level and orient the door squarely in its place. The pre-hung door package may come with interior supports to keep the door package square. Leave these in place for the moment. If an existing floor is intact, measure from the finished floor to the top of the sill for finished height. Do not measure from the finished carpet.

    Step Four: Shimming the Door

    Using thin sheets of shingles (shims) slowly bring the door into plumb and level by manipulating the shims on both sides of the doorframe between the frame and metal studs. Do the same for the header portion of the frame and floor. You want to be very close but don’t worry if you are off just a bit. The level and plumb reading will change slightly as you screw the door and frame into the metal studs, so some adjustment is likely as you proceed.

    Step Five: Screwing the Frame

    Using the screws provided in the pre-hung package (or 2″ screws) begin to screw in the lockset side of the frame into the metal stud. Screw just about half way into the stud or enough to support the package in place at the top and bottom. Adjust the shims at the sill and lockset sides of the frame. Repeat on the hinge side of the package. Adjust shims and make sure the door is level, plumb and opens easily. Tighten the screws and remove the manufacturer’s frame braces.

    Step Six: Patching the Wall

    Remove any wall board that may be remaining on each side of the doorway to a one board width. Nail new wallboard in place so that it stays against the door frame. Tape and plaster.

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