How to Insert a Suppository

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How to Insert a Suppository

Suppositories are drug preparations meant to be administered in the anus or vagina. These medications easily melt at body temperature and are readily absorbed in the lining of the rectum or vagina.

Whether you’re doing this on yourself or another person, remember to always wash your hands before and after administering the medication.


  1. Don gloves.
  2. Remove the suppository from the package.
  3. Assume a left side lying position. Bend your right leg to your chest.  This position will expose your anus and will make it easier for you to insert the medication.
  4. Insert the suppository with the pointed tip going in first. If you find this hard to do, you may lubricate the medicine with a water-based lubricant or just water.
  5. Push the medicine with your index finger.
  6. Stay in side lying position for a few minutes to let the medicine be absorbed properly.  You may try to squeeze your buttocks together to make sure that the medicine won’t slip out.

Inserting a Vaginal Suppository

  1. After your evening hygiene routine, assume a dorsal recumbent position on your bed. Lie on your back and bend your knees up.
  2. Part your labia and insert the suppository in your vagina.
  3. Try to sleep with your legs bent up to avoid leakage of the medicine.


  • Insert the suppository as far as you can to prevent it from slipping out. If it does, reinsert it again.
  • Make sure to insert the medicine immediately when you remove it from the package. Holding it for a very long time will cause the medicine to melt.
  • Unless the suppository is a laxative, don’t defecate for about an hour after inserting the medicine, as it might not be totally absorbed yet by your body.
  • The medicine might leak out after it has melted. It would be more comfortable for you to administer suppositories at night. If you’re required to do this in the morning, you can try to use a sanitary napkin to avoid the medicine from staining your underwear.
  • Avoid keeping this type of medicine in a warm place, as it melts easily.

Suppositories are indicated for several health conditions. Consult your doctor for further instructions. If you were informed from reading this article, you’ll surely learn more from learning how to insert a catheter.