How to Induce Vomiting

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How to Induce Vomiting

Vomiting is never a pleasant experience for anyone, but it’s the body’s way of defending itself from unwanted toxins. Sometimes, though, this line of defense won’t come easily and will need inducement to come.

A Word of Warning

Remember that induced vomiting should only be used in emergency situations. This means that you have to know what exactly you are throwing up, and that you are using these techniques for the appropriate situations.

Bulimia is one way of abusing these induced vomiting techniques. If you have this disease, do not hesitate to ask for help from your friends or family. Induced vomiting done too often can cause chronic gastric influx, throat and teeth degradation, peptic ulcers and even cardiac arrest. Do not take this lightly, because this is your life and your health we’re talking about. Do not do induced vomiting on the rare occasion that you absolutely have to to save your life.

Induce Vomiting

  1. Call Poison Control. Click on the link to see which Poison Control center is nearest your location. You can also call your emergency numbers like 911, for help.
  2. induce vomiting

  3. Do not attempt to induce vomiting if you are feeling too dizzy to even sit up. The same goes if you have a friend who isn’t coherent enough to know what’s going on. In cases like these, drowning in your own vomit is a very real danger.The person must be conscious enough with what’s going on before proceeding.
  4. Know what poisonous substance it is that you ingested. If you ingested more than one, be sure to inform Poison Control. If you are experiencing alcohol poisoning, your best bet is to induce vomiting immediately.
  5. Not all poison should be vomited, as this can only cause more damage to your body. Call Poison Control and confirm if the toxic substance/s you have ingested can be vomited.
  6. Go to a suitable place to throw up in, like a toilet, a trash can or outdoors.
  7. Take an emetic if you have it at hand. Ipecac is the most common. For adults, take one to two teaspoons of ipecac with one cup of water. Ipecac should be safe in these amounts.
  8. If you don’t have an emetic at hand, induce vomiting by sticking one finger down your throat. Feel around for the fleshy part of the back of your throat, or if you can, the fleshy part that dangles down.Tickle or stimulate this part by rubbing your finger against it. When you feel your throat tighten and that familiar vomiting sensation in your stomach, take the finger out of your throat.
  9. Place your head in a position lower than your hips by bending down at the waist. This is a better position than kneeling down.
  10. Sip cool water after you’re completely done with vomiting and go to the hospital immediately. The cool water will help prevent dehydration and possible damage to your esophagus because of the vomiting.